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Dellwa Co., Ltd. Specialized in IT industry category business, focus in flash storage and memory merchandise more than 15 years.

Storage products like flash or memory oem merchandise, and it’s media duplication and industrial application.

Industrial grade compact flash card features

  • Industrial grade Compact Flash Card (CF card) are the most reliable, high endurance memory card on the market nowadays. Produced by highest quality SLC or MLC NAND flash ic.
  • The Compact Flash form factor has been in existence since 1995, stable and rugged construction is ideal for many embedded flash storage devices or requirements.
  • Our CF memory card production by 100% test and 100% made in Taiwan.
  • Each of our industrial grade CF Card has an optional -45゜C to 90゜C extended temperature range version.
  • Suitable for medical machines/automations/industrial devices/embedded system/POS system/IoT server…etc.


Industrial Grade CF card specifications

  • Weight11.4g
  • Dimension : 42.8 mm x 36.4 mm x 3.3 mm
  • Voltage : 3.3 V~5 V
  • Video Speed : 133X / 166X / 233X / 266X / 300X / 600X / 1000X
  • Duration: 10000 times