How to Choose Industrial Card for Dash Cam?

How to Choose Industrial Card for Dash Cam?


The most important thing after buying a dashcam is an industrial dashcam sd card.
Nowadays, the driving recorder camera has become a must-have item for the car owner. By recording video anytime and anywhere, not only can prevent collisions, but also can identify the responsibility in time when a traffic accident occurs. People often struggle when choosing a dashcam, but often overlook the industrial card used by the dashcam. Don’t underestimate the memory card. If you choose this small industrial card incorrectly, it will even cause the video recording to fail.

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Recorder chooses industrial card, storage speed is the most important

Generally speaking, micro sd industrial for dash cam. Usually, if it is only used for storage, theoretically it has nothing to do with storage speed, and any dashcam memory card can be used at will. But for the driving recorder, the storage speed is undoubtedly crucial.

For dash cam that need to record videos all the time, the writing speed directly determines the key to smooth video recording and storage. If the writing speed is too slow, the recorded video will experience frame skipping, recording lag, and even recording failure.
For ordinary 480P driving recorder camera, ordinary industrial card can be used; and for 720P machines, CLASS4 high-speed cards are sufficient; but for 1080P ultra-high-definition, the writing speed can reach 10MB/S CLASS10 high-speed. The dashcam sd card is undoubtedly more guaranteed.

In addition, there is a U1 card, called UHS-1 for its full name, with a reading speed of 80MB/S and a writing speed of 12MB/S. This speed can undoubtedly satisfy most dash cam.

The storage space also determines the performance of the dash cam

Generally speaking, when most people choose a dashcam sd card, they know that they want to record video, so they will not choose a dashcam memory card that is too small, but try to choose a large-capacity memory card.
However, we need to have a clear understanding of how large it should be.

Under normal circumstances, the dash cam can generate 100MB of video files in one minute, which can be simply converted.

When the dashcam sd card is full, it will automatically overwrite the old video with the new video. If the memory is small, it is very likely that the earlier video will be overwritten. However, for situations where the dashcam memory card is small, you can also shorten the setting of a single video time to avoid recording failures.

If the reading and writing speed of the dash cam memory card does not match the recording speed of the drive recorder camera, it is very likely that missing pictures or other abnormal conditions will occur. Therefore, before purchasing the memory card, be sure to check the dashcam sd card specifications of the your car cam.

The core of the dash cam is actually the memory card. Only when the video is successfully written into the dashcam sd card, the dash cam can function.

”The application of SD cards and microSD cards in the consumer market has gradually been saturated, but markets such as industrial applications, digital surveillance, medical equipment, embedded systems, and content creators are booming. There is a huge difference between these storage application markets and traditional consumer markets.”

Pan Jian Cheng, Chairman of Phison


From Dellwa sales manager Alan Tsai said:
“The application field of industrial memory module and commercial memory module are about automotive, telecom, GPS, embedded, recorder and displays, medical and healthcare, etc.
We are glad to provide you memory modules for suitable you are significant and sophisticated equipment. “
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