How Can Industrial Grade Micro SD Card to Increase Performance of Industrial PC at 90%?

How Can Industrial Grade Micro SD Card to Increase Performance of Industrial PC at 90%?


The factory process is stable, and manufacturing equipment manufacturers have always used this as the main design specification. In terms of performance, it is not necessary to use too high-specification industrial grade micro sd cards due to automatic actions. However, this situation has been broken due to changes in the internal and external environments.

Two Factors of Improve Performance

The external reason refers to the fact that under the trend of M-type society, it has become normal to sell products to differentiate the market with different qualities, and the requirements for product quality must first come from the precision of production equipment, so the external environment stimulates the process equipment changes.
The internal factor is that with the increasing advancement of IT technology, the problems of products with high performance but controversial stability in the past have been gradually resolved.

At the same time, the purchase cost has not increased, and the options are better while the cost remains unchanged. Under the circumstances, the process equipment has begun to undergo new changes.

What Is An Industrial Computer?

Industrial PC (IPC) mainly refers to a personal computer designed for industrial use and can be used as an industrial controller.

The basic performance and compatibility of industrial computers are almost the same as those of commercial personal computers. However, industrial computers have more protective measures and focus on stability in different environments. Such as beverage production line control, automobile production line control, etc. Stability is required in harsh environments, such as dustproof, waterproof, anti-static, etc.
At present, Industrial PC has been widely used in communications, industrial automation, medical treatment, environmental protection, aviation, and human life.

In response to the development of automation control in recent years, the internal specifications of industrial PC have also been greatly improved.

The Industrial Grade Micro SD Card Market Makes Waves

In the storage field, hard disks have always been the main storage medium for computers. The computer referred to here includes both consumer and industrial computers. However, the situation on the industrial computer side has changed. SSD takes advantage of its low power consumption and is not afraid of vibration. With various advantages of low cost, related manufacturers have begun to conquer the market in the field of industrial computers and have achieved good results.

Although SSD manufacturers are not to be outdone by launching new products designed specifically for industrial computers to stay in the market. With the continuous optimization of flash memory capacity and price, it has now become the main choice for industrial computers.

The industrial computers that follow the consumer computer architecture have always generally inherited the same architecture. However, in terms of the demand for IPC in the application field, since the demand for data storage is not high. And large-capacity hard disks are for industrial computer users, it’s just a chat, even a bit flashy.

In addition to the high capacity, the hard disk uses mechanical actions for data access, which leads to a high failure rate and one of the disadvantages. Because industrial control is still the largest application field of industrial computers. In a factory environment, the vibration frequency of manufacturing equipment. And the intensity is much higher than the use environment of general consumer computers, which can be said to be a great test for hard disks designed for consumer computers.

Industrial Grade Micro SD Card Manufacturers

At present, including industrial-grade micro sd card manufacturers that used to be mainly consumer products, have successively introduced industrial specifications of flash memory.

Especially in recent years, the technology of industrial-grade micro sd cards has made great progress. And most industrial PC manufacturers have listed memory cards as the main equipment.


Future Demand for Micro SD Card Industrial Grade

In terms of demand, flash memory will develop in industrial control and other environments with higher requirements for storage media; as for hard disks, it will continue to be used in applications with a more stable environment and higher storage requirements. Such as POS or security monitoring. Dominate the market. In other words, there will be two types of industrial computer architectures for storage media in the future market. When considering specifications, companies can first consider their own capacity requirements and equipment environment. And then supplement the opinions of system integrators. Choose an architecture that initially meets your needs.

Why Choose Dellwa?

From Dellwa sales manager Alan Tsai said:
“The application field of industrial-grade micro sd card 32GB and memory card wholesale price are about automotive, telecom, GPS, embedded, recorder and displays, medical and healthcare, etc.

Dellwa Co., Ltd. Industrial microSD 3.0 memory card is specially designed for industrial computers and embedded applications. The microSD card has a performance close to that provided by SLC flash memory, increasing the number of erasing and writing by nearly 20,000 times.

The wholesale price is less than half of the general SLC flash memory, which is suitable for all embedded system manufacturers who need large capacity and have limited budget.

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