Memory Cards

Shopping for a microSD Card may seem simple, regardless of whether you are looking for it for your phone, camera, or any other device. However, there’s more to them than you may realize. It is easy to fall for a variety of traps, including overpaying or experiencing poor performance.  

What is a memory card?

What is a memory card?

A memorycard is an electronic storage device that stores digital information. It uses flash memory. These cards are used in electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, PDAs and portable media players. They allow for the addition of memory without compromising ergonomy as they are usually embedded within the device, rather than protruding like USB flash drive.

Dellwa's Memory cards Collections

Dellwa carries many different types of memory cards. Now a days cards have become smaller physically but are of larger capacity. Most common types of memory cards are Secure Digital and CompactFlash in Micro and Normal variants.

Compact Flash Card

The CompactFlash, also known as CF Card, is used by photographers. They are larger than SD cards and less frequently used. They have more storage and run time speeds that are higher.

Secure Digital Card

The Secure Digital is the basic format of the SD card. The size of the SD card is 32 mm x 24 mm and 2.1 mm thick. The size of these SD cards is limited to 4GB. The speed of these Cards is less than other SD cards.

Secure Digital High Capacity Card

The Secure Digital High Capacity Card (SDHC) cards are designed to store high-definition photos as well as videos. Storage capacity of SDHC cards is up to 64 GB.

Secure Digital Extended Capacity

The Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC) card is a higher version of the SDHC card. Storage Capacity of these cards 64 GB and can maximize up to 2 TB.

FAQ for Memory cards

  • Class 2 : H.264 Video
  • Class 4: HDTV Video
  • Class 6 / V6 : SD to HD Video
  • Class 10/U1/V10 :HD to Full HD Video
  • U3/V30 : Full HD to 4K Video
  • V60: 4K UHD to 8K Video
  • V90: 8K UHD Video

Ultra High Speed is divide in 3 different types as follows:

  • UHS-I (104MB/s)
  • UHS-II (324MB/s)
  • UHS-III (624MB/s) 

The card level up to SDHC would be marked one of the UHS type.

  • SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) format:

Support up to 32GB memory card and speed up to 25 MB/s.

  • SDXC (Secure Digital eXtended Capacity) format:

Support up to 1TB memory card and speed up to 312MB/s

It’s depend on the manufacture use it or not the special technology on the cover of the card. You can confirm the information on the retail packaging.

If you bought a major brand card (SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung)

You can find the answer on their website. About the warranty of our own brand (efox) is 1year that mean you can contact us when you find any problem about the efox all series products.