Why is SSD getting slower and slower? Here is Intel official answer.


Many players find that SSD become slower and slower. What is the main reason?

“This is because some systems defragment SSD, and defragmentation can have a huge impact on their durability,” Intel said.

First of all, the writing method of SSD means that it cannot directly overwrite the data. The brand-new SSD can be freely written because there is no data before, but after using it for a period of time, the SSD needs to be reclaimed and erased before writing, which will cause speed runs slow. That is why SSD are equipped with TRIM functions.

Then the OP reserved space is used to control the operation of various optimization mechanisms, such as GC recycling, wear-balanced.

The space is larger, the performance of SSD is more guaranteed; but as user data gets huge and when the usage of SSD is close to the full disk, the SSD will lose speed due to insufficient reserved space.

The last problem is the overheating of the main control.

Although SSD flash memory and main control chips are now manufactured well, there are very few problem disappear.

However, some high speed SSD controller has higher heating when long-term usage.

Like the CPU, when the temperature is too high, the main control chip will also automatically slow down, and the read and write speed of the SSD will obviously decrease.

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