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How to Recognize Sandisk Bulk SD Cards and Bulk micro SD Cards?


sandisk bulk sd cards

Sandisk bulk sd cards to bulk micro sd cards, since their introduction more than ten years ago, which has continued to expand its new applications in digital imaging such as sports cameras, drones, driving recorders and surveillance systems. However, there are many types of bulk memory cards, how to choose a suitable sd card? Here are some things to know:

About Sandisk bulk sd cards: What is an sd card?

The SD card (namely Secure Digital Memory Card). It is a new-generation memory device based on semiconductor flash memory. It is widely used in portable devices such as digital cameras, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and multimedia players.

About Sandisk bulk micro sd cards: What is a micro sd card?

MicroSD card is a very small flash memory card, the format is derived from SanDisk creation, the original memory card is called T-Flash, and later renamed as TransFlash. Micro sd bulk turns to be one of the most popular accessory for Industrial applications, the advantage of its size saves a lot of spaces for the electronic devices loading it.

About capacity

SD card bulk pack & micro sd bulk pack are available in a variety of capacities, including

SD capacity

   bulk sd cards 1gb

   1gb micro sd card bulk

   2gb sd card bulk

   2gb micro sd card bulk


SDHC capacity

   4gb sd cards bulk

   4gb micro sd card bulk

   8gb sd card bulk

   8gb micro sd card bulk

   32gb cd card bulk

   bulk 32gb micro sd cards


SDXC capacity

   64gb micro sd cards、128gb、256gb、512gb.

How to buy sd cards in bulk?

1. Compatibility

There are certain incompatibilities between memory cards of different brands and digital imaging. The main reason is that the card reading time is too long, the access speed is longer, or the phenomenon of freezing occurs. Therefore, when you buy a memory card, you must remember the memory card model corresponding to the machine.

2. The packaging and appearance of the memory card

Pay attention to whether the printing quality of the package is clear, whether there are anti-counterfeit labels. Finally, look at the overall manufacturing situation of the card, whether there are deformation, unevenness, cracks, whether with or without burrs card edge and corner cutting symmetry and other issues.

3. Warranty time provided by the manufacturer

The general miscellaneous brand is a one-year warranty, and large manufacturers like SANDISK generally provide a 5-year warranty, so when purchasing the machine, you must ask the warranty time of the purchased memory card.


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