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How to Choose the Right Bulk Industrial Sd Card Correctly? Part I


Teach you to identify its index, category, technology and compatibility of industrial SD card!!

When choosing a storage device such as an industrial sd card and it’s related products? since one size does not fit all due to the diversity of industries and extensive range of usage scenarios. It is important to determine how the card will be used and for which specific applications.

industrial sd card

One card cannot be universal, this is a point to keep in mind.

Here we propose the industrial sd as example. The following are the five important features that users need to know about industrial grade sd card:

1.    Different applications require different industrial sd card

There is always more demand of extension storage capacity everywhere, and industrial cf card applications often require durability and data integrity as key performance factors.

    1. Digital data storage requirements are often greater, and faster performance is required in many applications, such as tablet, digital cameras, video recording, set-box, surveillance systems.

industrial sd card

             2.Car driving monitoring systems and navigation systems require large-capacity automotive sd card (32GB ~ 64 GB) to support more applications and 3D image content.

2.    Indicators-capacity, speed and performance

In order to meet market demands, SDA updates SD specifications by adding new functions. In the past year, SDA announced a series of new features:

industrial sd card

3.    NAND technology

NAND industrial compact flash card is a key component of memory cards. The types of NAND industrial flash card can be divided into SLC (single-layer cell), MLC (multi-layer cell) and TLC (three-layer cell).


  1. Industrial or automotive applications usually choose slc sd card and MLC storage devices to improve durability and reduce total cost.
  2. In order to obtain longer life support, the pseudo SLC uses MLC, produce with special firmware algorithms and density trade-off methods to speed up the read and write performance, and is nowadays used in high-endurance applications such as monitoring systems or surveillance.
  3. In order to break the lithography limitation of planar NAND less than 15nm, the 3D NAND vertical layer stack expands the storage space, allowing each cell to have a large number of electrons without being affected by the scale. The reduction in interference between the units leads to higher cycle endurance.

We have two important features left about industrial sd that we will reveal to you in the next article.

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