How to Spot Fake Sandisk Industrial Memory Card??


Sandisk Industrial Memory Card

SanDisk industrial memory card is introduced into new SD and microSD. It specialized that come with improved speeds and can work in extreme temperatures. The Industrial line is aimed at “mainstream” industrial applications like surveillance cams, drones, IoT gateways, factory automation and network equipment.

  1. About Capacity

Sandisk Industrial memory card feature improved speeds (up to 80 MB/s for reading and up to 50 MB/s for writing), and come in capacities ranging between 8 and 128 GB. Special features include remote health and performance monitoring, data retention “Read Refresh” mechanism, host lock and extreme operation temperatures.


  1. About Temperatures

As for operating temperatures, The Industrial SD and microSD cards can be used in temperatures ranging from -13°F to 185°F degrees. Those are designed to withstand extreme temperature ranges. Most importantly, providing even better reliability than the manufacturer’s standard cards.


  1. About Application

Applications including surveillance cameras, transportation, Industrial IoT gateways, factory automation, and network equipment can now take advantage of a powerful suite of features available in these solutions:

Advanced memory management firmware features including power immunity, read refresh, ECC, wear leveling“Smart” features including memory health status monitor, one time programmable (OTP) ID, host-lock.
These high endurance solutions offer extended product life cycles, which can reduce total cost of ownership per system by eliminating costly redesigns and re-qualifications, and minimizing unnecessary maintenance calls.

It’s safe to say you’ll have to encounter some pretty extreme climatic conditions to bring these cards to their metaphorical knees.

Besides, the cards will also be used by photographers who are operating in extreme conditions. It would definitely appreciate this extra layer of reliability.


From Dellwa salesman

The application field of industrial memory card is about automotive, telecom, GPS, embedded, recorder and displays, medical and healthcare, etc. We’re glad to provide you Industrial SD card for suitable your significant and sophisticated equipment. “

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