Extreme PRO

Test Report between SanDisk Extreme PRO, Extreme and Ultra


Let us test W &R speed of the three SD card. We took 32GB of “Extreme PRO”, “Extreme” and “Ultra” and test read and write speed each card for customers.

The test platform is as below

  • Windows 10
  • New Surface Pro 3
  • Card reader is Transcend USB 3.0 TS-RDF8K
  • Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.4 x64 version


SanDisk Extreme PRO

Extreme PRO
This card has a specification of “Read 95MB / s” and a write speed of “90MB / s”. Let’s actually test to see if this card is close to the product’s specifications.
SDSDXXG Extreme PRO-32gb

After three tests, the read speed all reached 91MB / s, the read speed was close to the mark, and the write speed were all about 86MB / s, which is also very good performance. In this way, we can say that the data is close to the Original Factory specifications indicate speed.

SanDisk Extreme

SDSDXNE extreme
This SanDisk Extreme has a read speed of 90MB / s and a write speed of 40MB / s. Let’s test to see if there is any significant difference in actual speed.

This result is quite unexpected. In the three measurements, the write speed was above 91MB / s and the write speed was 54MB / s, which is faster than the specifications of 90MB / s & 40MB / s. Generally speaking, I use “digging treasure” to describe this “excessive speed” to describe this card, which is very awesome.

SanDisk Ultra

This card is an entry-level card of SanDisk. From the symbols on the card, we can only judge that it supports the UHS-I specification with a reading speed of 48MB / s, and a writing speed of at least 10MB / s. What is the final performance? Let’s take a look.
Relative extreme pro card, SanDisk Ultra SD is more entry-level.

The results are really satisfying. The read speeds are 46MB / s, and the write speeds are 12-13MB / s, which also exceed the expected 10MB / s.

It comes to this:

After actual measurement, we found that these three cards can almost reach the speed indicated by the specifications, especially Extreme. The speed shown is “greater than” the speed indicated, which is really satisfying, and I have a feeling of “earned”.
For our cameras, if you take photos, most of them have a write speed of more than 10MB / s per second, and it is enough if you use FHD recording, but for continuous shooting and 4K recording, you will need 30MB / s write speed can meet our needs.

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