What is difference between SanDisk Extreme and Extreme Pro, and Ultra?


Extreme PRO, Extreme, and Ultra

SanDisk SD card can be distinguished from the above three types. First of all, we first understand the specifications of English words. The highest specification is Extreme PRO, the fastest reading and writing speed, followed by Extreme, the most basic model is Ultra.

For memory card packaging, most of the “capacity” and “speed” are printed on the packaging with a larger proportion. For example, the Extreme PRO capacity is 32GB, and the speed is marked as SPEED UP TO 90MB / s below. Do n’t think about it is the “write speed” directly. Many beginners will misunderstand this as the write speed.

Read speed 90mb/s

Take SanDisk memory card as an example. On the back of the card body, there are marked read speed of READ 90MB / s and write speed of WRITE 40MB / s. It’s represents the ideal speed of this card.

In other words, 90MB on the package and surface / s stands for read speed, not write speed.


Like this Ultra card, it says 48MB / s, which is “read speed”.

Extreme PRO

About the speed sign

• Reading speed: Needless to say, it is the speed at which data is taken from the memory card. If you insert the memory card into the card reader and transfer the photos back to the computer, this is the speed.
• V30: Due to the requirement for the amount of data written into a video, it is much larger than that of a photo. V30 means that if it is recorded, it can reach a write speed of 30MB / s per second.
• U3: The symbol is U3, which means that if the camera supports the UHS-I memory card specification, it can achieve “at least” 30MB / s writes per second.
• C10: The new memory cards can be used on older cameras. If the camera does not support the UHS-I specification, at least this card can have a write speed of at least 10MB / s.


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