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SDHC vs SDXC: How to choose a memory card between Mirco sd card and?


How to identify SD, SDHC vs SDXC?

When it comes to memory card, although it is a small thing that everyone is familiar with, there is a lot of knowledge. Many people think that buying a memory card just needs to confirm “capacity” and “brand”, but in fact, the memory card specifications have a lot of know-how. Even one SD memory card is divided into several types. Whether it is used for smart phones, tablets, digital cameras or monocular cameras, there are some points that must be taken note! Do you know the difference between SDHC vs SDXC for SD card and micro SD?

SDHC vs SDXC table

It can be clearly seen from the above table that SD, SDHC and SDXC are mainly in the difference in capacity. The capacity below 2GB is called SD card, and 4GB~32GB is called SDHC . As for 64GB or more, it is called SDXC. About memory card, the main difference is this, in other words, you don’t mind about the term SDHC or SDXC, just choose the capacity just fine!


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Three memory card types classified with capacity:

SD Card-Secure Digital Card: below 2GB
SDHC Card-Secure Digital High Capacity Card: 4GB~32GB
SDXC Card-Secure Digital eXtended Capacity Card: 64GB~2TB

On the other hand, SD memory card is currently the most widespread micro-storage device, and the specifications are getting more and more advanced with the change rapidly technology. When the traditional memory card reaches 2GB, it is necessary to support more than 2GB in FAT32 format, so it is more than 2GB. The capacity defines the SDHC specification, so the 2GB or more memory cards that are purchased now are marked and named by SDHC! In other words, SDHC or SDXC is actually the difference in capacity!

Therefore, when you purchase a memory card, after selecting the capacity, the most important thing is “how to choose the speed”, and the speed is of course as fast as possible!

For the currently available memory cards, most people recommends that “at least buy Class 10”, but “strongly recommend to buy Class 3 (U3)” specifications, especially flagship smart phones, digital cameras. These devices require 4K high resolution video!

As for the purchase, you need to choose UHS-I or UHS-II. This depends on your device support. Usually UHS-I supports the most devices, UHS-II will be used in some higher-level videos. Appears on the device, but this is mainly for some professional-grade video equipment. The average user does not care too much about UHS-I or UHS-II, because this is for most consumer electronic devices, such as smart phones and digital cameras. It won’t cause much impact because it is the specification of the device, regardless of speed or capacity!

But capacity is not too important, speed is crucial!

Yes, the capacity is basically fixed, it is not very important, because you buy 32GB is 32GB, buy 64GB or 64GB, basically there is no difference in capacity, the important point is… speed!

Plus, what is the distinction about Class 2, Class 4, Class 6, Class 10, and UHS-I and UHS-II ?

Now Class 2, Class 4, and Class 6 will basically recommend skipping and not buying. The most basic is to buy Class 10, and even U3 level is better. If you upgrade in the future, it will be convenient for other devices to continue using it!

Speed will directly affect the precious time of data access. When you buy a 64GB memory card, the speed is only Class 6 (transmission rate 6M), and the same 64GB memory card, but the speed is U3 (transmission rate 30M ) Memory card, the difference in file access time is several times!

We often hear many people just buy a memory card and insert it on a smart phone. The result is that the phone is unstable or the files are often missing when taking pictures and videos. In fact, the main reason is up to the quality of the memory card!

What do you use the memory card for?

When buying a memory card, basically used for smartphones, cameras, and computers, it is strongly recommended to buy a high-speed card, and at least the U3 specification will be ideal. Especially when recording, speed really affects a lot.!

As for the 720p / 1080p driving recorder, Class 10 is actually enough, and even lower Class 2/4/6 specifications are strongly discouraged!

For the current “most” smart phones, digital cameras, sports cameras, and other electronic devices, it is usually safer to buy a fast memory card as much as possible, and it can be continued to be used for other devices during future upgrades, but “Older” OR “Low Spec” products, when you buy a high-speed card, it may cause the situation that the high-speed card is not supported because the device is too old, so you must first know what device you are buying for the memory card , Buy the right product to play a good function!

Before using memory card, please use open device for formatting test.

Some people like to format it on a computer or use a memory card directly without additional formatting. This may cause your memory card to become unreadable when you put it on your camera, phone, or driving recorder!

After all, each device supports different formats. It is recommended that after the memory card is purchased, it should be placed in the device and formatted by the device to avoid format compatibility issues with the device! (Especially driving recorder)

Memory card is a product with great price changes. Unless it is really necessary, you do n’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a “large-capacity” memory card. For example, the mainstream is 64GB, so buying 64GB is the most economical price now!

Although there are up to 128GB or 256GB, the relative price is too expensive. At this time, you don’t have to buy a large high-capacity memory card deliberately. After all, the price difference is too great. It is better to buy a mainstream 64GB memory card and then choose a faster product. This is more practical!

When the price of large-capacity memory cards goes down in the future, you can purchase another new card and upgrade it alternately, so that you can not only add a few more cards to back up, but also transfer the old card with the same speed to other devices for use!

Buying the current mainstream memory card specifications is not only more economical, but also more widely supported, because you may buy a 128GB memory card, but the device may not support it!

This situation usually occurs on smart phones and driving recorders. Some driving recorders only support a maximum capacity of 32GB, so you can’t use 64GB when you buy it.

Some smart phones only support up to 64GB. At this time, you buy 128GB for it, and it does not support it, so be sure to check whether your device supports it before buying. Therefore, It may not be best to buy the largest capacity.

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