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How to distinguish fake Industrial SD Card?


How does the authenticity of industrial sd card can affect your device or machine?

Besides commercial usage, industrial SD card normally been utilized as embedded or bundle components for user’s devices and machines, which like navigation, surveillance, audio recording, infotainment, medical or health care, industrial automatic or operating machine, and even aerospace…etc.

If you know that any incompatible or unfit industrial memory card can caused serious problem and might be damage user’s devices? 

Here are most 3 common problems related to the fake industrial SD card you should know (before you purchasing)

1.industrial sd card not match real full capacity quality

Some manufacturer make the memory card with a small capacity BUT appear larger on the computer. For example, a 16GB card displayed as 128GB, because the computer is deceived by the programming in the card. Of course, the space beyond the original capacity cannot be used normally. As long as the stored file exceeds the actual capacity, the file will be undetected.

2.The authenticity capacity of industrial memory depends on the place of origin.

It is common for China sellers to sell such inexpensive products but fake memory card or USB flash drives. However, the high standard flash technology on production still owns by Taiwan’s manufacturers. When you see the high-capacity memory card with the price is far lower than the market price, you must be careful to buy the expanding or highcopy card.

3.Effects to the application machines of industrial sd card

Not to mention that if the industrial memory card used for Healthcare devices, Automatic machines, telecom or aerospace, what bad thing will be happened?

We don’t want to see our professional equipment and device was ruined by a small memory card!!

Healthcare devices, Automatic machines, telecom or aerospace

Are you finding a reliable memory card supplier?

Dellwa devoted industrial SD card and commercial memory card exceed 15 years, our PM team only choose higher quality raw material for higher performance and endurance.

Industrial sd card

How about the industrial memory card R/W speed?

Up to 80~92MB/s reading, and 35~50MB/s writing speed, etc.

The MLC we develop for industrial memory card is up to Class 10 at least. Extend compatibility, widely compatible with microSDHC, microSDCX, microSDHC UHS-I, microSDXC UHS-I. For fast data storage, small capacity can be also use into industrial control systems.

How is the range of temperature?

All memory and storage products are 100% system tested from -25° C to +75° C. Additionally, extended temperature ranges beyond industrial grade from -45° C ambient to +100° C ambient can be supported.

What is warranty term and certificates?

Our PM and design team experience guarantee using only good quality flash chip for best performance products.

Industrial Grade micro card we offer is full capacity absolutely,  have long life cycles at least 5 year warranty or above, and certificate passed like CE/FCC/RoHS…etc.

Dellwa, we’re glad to provide you Industrial SD card for suitable your significant and sophisticated equipments, please feel free to contact us!”