industrial sd card for medical

What Is The Best Industrial Grade SD Card?


industrial sd card for medical

What Is an Industrial Grade SD Card?

Industrial grade SD card is a small removable non-volatile flash memory, and has a high-performance interface. At the same time, there are small capacity and large capacity specifications to choose from. Industrial-grade SD cards are designed to withstand the extreme working environment during the design, production and testing process, and can also improve the reliability and durability of the system. Industrial SD card has the best portability and high production flexibility. Whether it is a small-scale or large-scale project, industrial SD card is an ideal solution.
It has the highest reliability and durability, can operate stably in harsh environments, and maintain the lowest sensitivity and maximum data integrity.

Industrial SD Card Connector

The industrial SD card combines SanDisk industrial memory card control and MLC (Multilevel Cell) technology and Toshiba (Toshiba) 0.16u and 0.13u NAND technology in a volume of 24mm×32mm×2.1mm. It has a 9-pin interface and special The drive is connected and no additional power supply is needed to keep the information memorized on it. And it is an integrated solid medium without any moving parts, so there is no need to worry about damage to the mechanical operation.

The technology of SD card is developed based on the MultiMedia card (MMC) format, the size is similar to MMC, the size is 32mm x 24mm x 2.1mm. The length and width are the same as MMC, but 0.7mm thicker than MMC to accommodate larger capacity storage units. Indsutrial SD card and MMC card maintain upward compatibility, that is, MMC can be accessed by new SD devices, and compatibility depends on application software, but SD card cannot be accessed by MMC devices. (The appearance of the SD card adopts a guide rail design with the same thickness as the MMC, so that the SD device can be suitable for MMC).

In addition to retaining the 7-pin MMC, the industrial SD interface also adds 2 more pins on both sides as a data line. Using NAND-type Flash Memory, basically the same as SmartMedia, the average data transfer rate can reach 2MB/s.

What are the Different Classes of Industrial Grade SD Card Mean?

Early general speed grade standards, the higher the Class grade, the faster the transmission speed, and the Class 10 grade is the most common at present.

Class 2The speed of reading and writing data is at least 2MB/S
Class 4The speed of reading and writing data is at least 4MB/S
Class 6The speed of reading and writing data is at least 6MB/S
Class 10The speed of reading and writing data is at least 10MB/S
indutrial grade sd card speed

Can Industrial SD Card Be Used for Long Term Storage?

As the value of big data becomes more prominent, safe and efficient storage of data becomes more and more important. In some industries, the requirements for storage media have exceeded the performance of general storage products. For example, in the medical field, high-performance medical equipment requires high value, high frequency of use, and high precision requirements, and requires data storage and recall to be higher than that of daily-used memory.

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