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Industrial SD Cards: How to Select the Best?


What Is the Best Industrial SD Cards?

Industrial SD cards operate reliably under strict conditions and are designed to have a wide lifespan, which is usually necessary in industrial applications, such as automation, networking, medical, etc.

Industrial SD cards have high quality, strong durability. No fear of extreme environments.

These solutions can withstand extreme temperatures, dust, and shock and vibration, and maintain data integrity. These are in the event of power cycling or sudden power outages.

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How Long Do Industrial Grade SD Cards Last?

It is well known that the life of an SD card is determined by the number of erasing and writing. The stored things are deleted and then put in a new one. How long is the life of the SD card?

Why Industrial SD Card Is Easy to Damage and Cause Data Loss?

In fact, compared to SSDs, SD cards also use flash memory as media storage devices and are more prone to damage. The reason is that most industrial memory cards basically do not use wear leveling technology to increase the life of flash memory due to cost reasons.

It is easy to cause the front part of the flash memory to become invalid after repeated erasing and writing. And resulting in file loss or inability to read the data.

About Wear Leveling Technology

It is a smoothing technique on flash memory. Flash memory blocks have a limit on the number of times of writing and writing. Repeated writing and deleting of the same single block will slow down the reading speed, or even damage it and become unusable. The purpose of the loss averaging technology is to use each storage block in the flash memory. They are equally to avoid the formation of bad blocks due to overuse of certain “specific” storage blocks.

The following table shows the comparison between static wear leveling and dynamic wear leveling:

Dynamic wear levelingstatic wear leveling
Typical UseIndustrial SD CardStandard SD Card
Design ComplexityMore complicatedSimpler

According to the assumption that the industrial memory card uses a TLC chip. In theory, the SD card will be scrapped when it is erased and written up to 1,000 times. That is, it will be scrapped in about two and a half of years.

Additional Points: Compact Flash Industrial

Compact flash industrial is a small size device used in SATA interface, suitable for various industries and any harsh environment. Designed for industrial and major mission applications. It can work in the range of -45 to 85 degrees Celsius.

Compact flash industrial still have strong vitality in high-end applications.


For industrial applications, it is necessary to pay attention to the lifespan and high stability. At present, most of the industrial grade SD card equipped with SLC technology (SLC SD Card).

Industrial memory card can be applied to the working temperature between -40°C and 85°C, and the number of repeated erasing and writing can reach 30,000 times.

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From Dellwa salesman
“The application field of industrial compact flash card and industrial sd are about

  • automotive
  • telecom
  • GPS
  • embedded
  • recorder and displays
  • medical and healthcare

We are glad to provide you industrial compact flash card for suitable you are significant and sophisticated equipment. “
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