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Compact Flash Industrial Grade vs Compact Flash


compact flash industrial-dellwa

Compact Flash Industrial, besides having high read and write speeds, can be used normally in various harsh environments, such as Automation, Industrial control, POS, Medical, Military, Security devices, and Digital Signage. The application provides high endurance and reliability guarantee.
The Compact Flash Industrial uses flash technology, which is a stable storage solution that does not require a battery to maintain the data stored in it. For the saved data, the compact flash industrial is safer and more protective than the traditional disk drive; it is 5 to 10 times more reliable than the traditional disk drive and type III PC card, and the power consumption of the CF card Only 5% of small disk drives.

cyber security
embedded memory
dynamic digital signage

These excellent conditions make most digital cameras choose CF card industrial as their preferred storage media. Read more about industrial sd and cf card different.

10 keys difference between compact flash industrial

1. Application Environment

Compact flash card industrial grade: Industrial applications, customized production and use in long-term and harsh working environments;
Compact flash card standard: Commercial applications, mass production, used in harsh environments for general applications.

2. Flash memory level

Cf card industrial: Using mature process Flash particles, the product is stable and reliable;
Cf card standard: Using the latest process Flash particles, the product is unstable, and the process must be adjusted while producing to improve the flash yield and reliability.

3. Capacity of compact flash industrial Grade

Cf card industrial: 256MB ~ 128GB;
Cf card standard: 8GB ~ 1TB.

4. Hardware Design Policy

Cf card industrial: customized design according to industrial standards, enhanced design for electrical signals, EMI, institutions, etc., and passed industrial standard inspection;
Cf card standard: No special design, just comply with commercial regulations.

5. Firmware design policy

Cf card industrial: Emphasizes the reliability, stability and durability of the product;
Cf card standard: Emphasize rapid mass production and meet commercial regulations and standards.

6. Firmware software adjustment service

Cf card industrial: Customize the best firmware and software according to the customer’s product usage requirements;
Cf card standard: No specific firmware and software are provided.

7. Fixed BOM of industrial compact flash card

Compact flash card industrial: Support fixed BOM, including hardware and firmware version control;
Compact flash card standard: Not support fixed BOM, whatever material is cheap and in stock, just use what material, and replace it without notifying the customer.

8. Product Life Cycle

Compact flash card industrial: Long lead time (SLC: 5~10 years; MLC: 3~5 years);
Compact flash card standard: Short lead time (generally only 1 year).

9. Operating temperature

Cf card industrial: Has an optional  -45゜C to 90゜C extended temperature range version.
Compact flash card standard: Not support wide temperature, only works at normal temperature.

10. Defective product analysis service

Cf card industrial: analyze and provide countermeasures for defective products returned by customers;
Compact flash card standard: does not provide defective product analysis services, exchanges according to the warranty conditions, and will not be processed after the warranty.

About SLC compact flash

SLC technology is the most advanced CF card technology in industrial applications. Currently, can be divided into MLC (multi-layer cell) and SLC (single-layer cell) flash memory.
The service life of slc compact flash is 10 times that of MLC, so SLC cf card is very suitable for industrial applications.


From Dellwa sales manager Alan Tsai said,
“The application field of cf card industrial and industrial sd are about automotive, telecom, GPS, embedded, recorder and displays, medical and server, etc.
We are glad to provide you cf card industrial for suitable you are significant and sophisticated equipment. “
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