Industrial SD Card VS Industrial CF Card, Which Is Better?


Industrial SD Card and CF Card Difference

Industrial SD card and industrial CF Card that the difference is that compatibility, storage capacity, flash particles used, and data recovery:

industrial compact flash card VS sd standard

  • Different Definition

Industrial compact flash card: It was originally a data storage device used in portable electronic devices.

Industrial grade SD card: It is a new generation memory device based on semiconductor flash memory.

  • Compatibility and Storage Capacity

The industrial CF card is not only a storage device, but also a built-in controller. The biggest feature is good compatibility. No matter how large the flash memory chipset is, its external interface is the standard ATA/IDE interface, and 3.3V, 5V Universal voltage.

The purpose of the industrial SD card is to increase the transmission speed by changing the transmission mode from serial to parallel. SD cards on the market now mostly refer to SDHC cards, that is, “high-capacity SD memory cards”. The biggest feature is high capacity.

  • Flash Particles Are Divided Into Three Types: TLC, MLC and SLC

Industrial SD cards are so cost-effective, most of their products use TLC particles (for example, Samsung EVO, SanDisk, and Toshiba, their mainstream SD cards are TLC particles), and better SD cards will be used to MLC particles.

For compact flash industrial, except for cheap fakes, TLC is used, and the rest are MLC particles. Industrial compact flash card also use SLC particles.

  • Data Recovery

As long as the flash particles are not broken, the CF card can still seek data recovery. Disassemble the CF card, remove the flash particles, and use the relevant instrument to take out the data alone.

And SD card, because there is only chip structure inside, once it is broken, there is no way.

  • Launch Time of Industrial SD Card & CF Card

The industrial grade SD card was released in August 1999. By the Japanese Matsushita Electric, Toshiba and SanDisk jointly developed a memory card format, compact, and also faster and more easily, it is widely used in mobile devices, is one of the most popular digital camera memory card, most cameras support SD memory cards.

The compact flash industrial grade was the first memory card introduced by SanDisk in 1994. At first, it was widely used. Later, when various memory cards became more numerous, they were mainly used in high-end imaging products and some larger mobile devices.

Industrial CF Card VS Industrial SD Card Speed

Industrial compact flash card: The write speed and read speed of CF card can reach 20MB/s.

Industrial SD card: The transfer speed of ordinary SD card is 900kB/s, and the high-speed SD card can transfer 10 MB/s.

Different Applications of Industrial Memory Card

Compact flash industrial, small size device applied to PATA interface, suitable for various industrial fields and any harsh environment, compact flash industrial grade is one of the most reliable and very durable flash storage products on the market today. The highest quality NAND is suitable for applications that require data integrity and 100% up time. It is small in size and sturdy in structure, which is very suitable for embedded flash storage needs.

Industrial CF Card: The F interface has been widely used in PDAs, POS machines, digital cameras and various devices including embedded system.

industrial cf card

embedded memoryindustrial sd card cybersecurity

Industrial SD card: digital camcorders store photos and short videos, personal digital assistants (PDAs) store various data, mobile phones store photos, ringtones, music, short videos and other data, multimedia players.

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