wholesale sd cards bulk

Wholesale SD Cards: How Should We Choose?


wholesale sd cards bulk

With the development of the times, wholesale sd cards product are currently used in a wide range of fields. Not only our mobile phones and computers will use memory, but also cameras, driving recorders and other equipment will use memory products. The function of memory is mainly used to store data. How its performance determines the speed, stability and lifespan of stored data. So, how to choose memory products?

When choosing memory, the brand is the main priority. First-line memory brand have solid workmanship, strong performance, and perfect after-sales service. Among storage devices such as memory cards, SanDisk wholesale is a good choice. It is widely praised for its speed and stability.

Many people can’t figure out the difference between several kinds of wholesale memory cards bulk, because there are several kinds of memory cards, here is the difference between SD card and TF card. SD card is generally the big memory card used by camera, and TF is the small one used by mobile phone. Memory card, whether it is SD card or TF card, if it is broken, you can try to repair it with a memory card repair tool, or you can use data recovery software to restore data.

The differences are described in detail below:

SD card is the English abbreviation of Secure Digital Card, literally translated as “secure digital card”. TF card is T-Flash card, also called micro SD card, that is, micro SD card.

Appearance Distinction:

The size of the SD card is 24mm×32mm×2.1mm;

The size of the TF card is 15mm×11mm×1mm.

The pictures of the two cards are given below:

The appearance of the SD card:

sd standard

The following is the appearance of the TF card:

Use Distinction:

SD cards are widely used in portable devices, such as digital cameras, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and multimedia players.

TF card is mainly used in mobile phones, but because it has the advantages of small size, with increasing capacity, it slowly began to be used in GPS, dash cam, drones and automatic machine.

Security Distinction:

SD card has a write protection switch!

There is no TF card, but the TF card can be converted into an SD card through a card holder!

Today, it still has an irreplaceable position in the market. For example, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and dash cams require memory cards to expand memory. Because of the market, the performance of these products is getting faster and faster and more stable.

How Should We Choose High-Quality Wholesale Memory card?

The two important information on the SD card are capacity and transmission speed! Capacity Everyone can understand the mainstream 4G 8G 16G 32G, you can choose according to your needs. Another important information is the transmission speed. The transmission speed of an SD card also represents the performance of the card.

Sometimes the same capacity, different transmission speed prices are often different, so when choosing the transmission speed, you must choose according to the specific needs. The editor also lists the application range of each level of speed:

Class 0: Including cases lower than Class 2 and unmarked speed class;

Class2: It can meet the requirements of watching ordinary MPEG4 MPEG2 movies, SDTVdigital camera shooting. Its reading speed is 2.0MB/sec;

Class4: It can play high-definition TV (HDTV) smoothly, and continuous shooting with digital cameras. Its reading speed is 4.0MB/sec;

Class6: Meet the requirements for continuous shooting of monocular cameras and professional equipment. Its reading speed is 6.0MB/sec;

Class10: Meet the real-time recording of full high-quality TV. Its reading speed is 10.0MB/sec;

UHS-I UHS (Ultra High Speed) is a brand-new bus mode card with a maximum reading speed of 104MB/s, while the UHS-II card has a maximum reading speed of 312MB/s. The maximum reading speed of the UHS-III card has doubled to 624MB/s, but it is not yet on the market.

How to Choose Right Wholesale Micro SD Cards?

Dellwa Co., Ltd. – is one of the best memory card wholesale suppliers in Asia, providing customers with customized best sd wholesale to back up data and store pictures, documents, etc. Some of the benefits of having this company in the arena are-

  • Primary orders from the company reducing retail costs.
  • Own logo printing option.
  • Quantity-based shipping, bulk packaging.
  • 24-hour customer service to strengthen customer service relationships.
  • Perfect after-sales service.

And in the selection process, the application should also be considered, whether performance is the priority, stability is the priority or the price ratio is the priority. Among them, for digital cameras, digital video recorder, and dash cam, it is recommended that stability is the priority, and the speed is not too fast, and the price can be cheaper; for high-end single-lens cameras and 4K cameras, it is recommended that the performance stability of both hands should be grasped, and both hands should be hard, almost At all costs. And some professional equipment supports multi-card slot design, supports simultaneous recording, mutual copy or backup, it is recommended to use it to ensure data security. Generally, the card for storing multimedia is cost-effective.

wholesale sd cards bulk

Buy SD Cards in Bulk

So what to pay attention to when buying wholesale sd card:

1. Compatibility

Wholesale sd cards also have compatibility issues, and there are also certain incompatibility issues between memory cards of different brands and digital cameras. Mainly manifested in the card reading time is too long, the access speed is slow, or the phenomenon of crash occurs. So when you buy a memory card, you must remember the memory card model corresponding to the machine.

2. Packaging and appearance workmanship

Pay attention to whether the printing quality of the package is clear and whether there is an anti-counterfeiting label.

Finally, look at the overall manufacturing situation of the card, whether there is deformation, bumps, cracks, burrs on the edges of the card, the cutting angle is symmetrical or not.

3. Warranty time

General brands have a one-year warranty, and some like SanDisk wholesale sd cards bulk generally provide a 5-year warranty, so you must ask for the warranty time of the purchased memory card when buying the machine, and it is necessary to ask for the relevant invoice receipt.

Therefore when we buy wholesale sd cards, we should not only look at the capacity, but also the transmission rate. Of course, the quality of the card is also a consideration.

wholesale sd card


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