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Wholesale Micro SD Cards: How to Buy?


Wholesale micro sd cards are often mentioned, whether playing with a camera or a drone, the data must be recorded on a storage card, and the micro SD card is currently the most widely used and most concerned storage card. wholesale Micro SD cards are still widely used in cameras, action cameras, drones and other fields. At present, there are many micro SD card specifications on the market. If you buy a micro SD card that does not match the performance of the device, it will limit the performance of the device.

This article is going to teach you how to crack and identify the specifications on the memory card, and you can buy the memory card that best suits your needs. In terms of usage, if you often need to store data or even record videos, the capacity of 32gb memory card wholesale price may quickly bottom out your available space, so choosing SDXC memory cards will be safer.

The Predecessor of Micro SD cards

Micro SD Card, formerly known as Trans-flash Card (TF card), was officially renamed Micro SD Card in 2004 and was invented by SanDisk. The reason for renamed Micro SD is because it was adopted by SD Association (SDA). .

This is the pin map of Micro SD, there are 8 pins in total.

The standard size of Micro SD is: 11 x 15 x 1.0 mm, which is about 0.5g.

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What is the Performance Difference Between SD Wholesale and Micro SD cards?

Talking about the wholesale micro sd cards, I believe everyone is familiar with it. It is an independent storage medium used in mobile phones, GoPro action cameras, driving recorders, drones, and interchangeable lens cameras.

We know that there are many types of wholesale memory card. The most commonly used ones on the market are wholesael SD cards and wholesale micro SD cards. When purchasing wholesale memory cards bulk, in addition to its stability, the read and write speed and capacity should also be considered. Performance parameters are the main indicators we consider.

  • Put the Micro SD card into the SD adapter and be compatible with any SD card reader. Will not change its characteristics.
  • The speed of the micro SD card also depends on the manufacturer, memory card wholesale price, chip, mechanism and other factors.

When the drones also develops to 8K shooting quality, the required memory card must also be upgraded. It belongs to the UHS-II specification with the video speed reaching U3 and V90.

It supports shooting 4K/8K videos and high-resolution photos without worrying about frame loss and slow speed, so it is especially suitable for 4K/8K aerial cameras and sports cameras.

According to the SD Association, the ideal way to shoot 8K video is to use a UHS-II video speed class V60, V90 memory card, which means that the minimum writing speed needs to reach 60MB/s or 90MB/s.

The host equipment includes sports cameras, high-performance cameras, drones, cameras, tablets, mobile phones, speakers, dash cams, etc. Obviously, everyone wants the fastest, highest capacity and lowest price wholesale micro SD card. Well, there are many brands on the market, and SanDisk wholsale is usually the most trusted brand. In fact, after understanding the basic knowledge of the above-mentioned microSD card, I believe that choosing by yourself is no longer a problem.

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For example, a microSD card that is labeled Class10 or UHS-1 and provides a maximum speed of 80MB/s, meeting basic 1080p video recording is not a problem. And the memory card marked with SDXC, UHS-II or 100MB/s is suitable for 4K video recording.

How to Choose Wholesale Micro SD cards?

Buying a card is not easy, because there are many types of cards, and different devices are only compatible with certain cards.

Check Your Equipment

Before you buy sd cards in bulk, please check the specifications of the device to be used with it. Some will limit capacity, grade and even manufacturer.

A Trust Memory Card Wholesale Suppliers

Dellwa Co., Ltd. – is one of the best memory card wholesale suppliers in Asia, providing customers with customized best sd wholesale to back up data and store pictures, documents, etc. Some of the benefits of having this company in the arena are-

  • Primary orders from the company reducing retail costs.
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  • Perfect after-sales service.

Get the Correct Format

Currently, there are three formats for MicroSD cards. SD, SDHC and SDXC. Each format is slightly different and is not backward compatible. Please make sure to get the correct card in the correct format, otherwise it will not work.

Get the Correct Speed Rating

If shooting 4K, a Class 10 card is required.

Then there is the UHS speed grade UHS-I UHS (Ultra High Speed). The maximum reading speed of the new bus mode card is 104MB/s, while the maximum reading speed of the UHS-II card is 312MB/s.

Usually, when buying a MicroSD card, you can buy the quality once. Check the manual and buy the correct card for the equipment and job. If you only need additional storage space, any speed grade can be used.


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