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USB Type C and USB C Are The Same?


USB Type C interface is called USB-C, which is a USB interface specification. It is the same concept. 

usb type c

1. USB 3.1 new USB specification.

Intel and other companies initiate this specification. Compared with the current USB technology, the new USB technology uses a more efficient data encoding system, and provides doubled data throughput (USB IF Association) fully compatible with existing USB connector and cables.


2. USB 3.1 three connection interfaces

USB Type-A (Standard-A), USB Type-B (Micro-B) and Type C.

3. The standard USB 3.1 Type-A is currently widely used.

The interface of Micro-B is mainly used in smart phones, tablets and other devices. The new definition of Type-C is mainly for thinner and lighter devices.

4. USB 3.1 Type-C compact physical appearance

It is more suitable for short, thin and light handheld devices. USB-C replaces Micro-AB connector (supporting direct transmission of USB devices requires the intervention of the main control system) to replace the general Micro-USB connector. The usb c like Apple Lightning connector is ideal to use than the current Micro-USB C. Although the Micro-USB C prevents reverse connection, the anti-dull mechanism prevents the reverse connection.

5. Micro-B (reverse side) black-out status is successfully completed.

In addition, USB C improves electromagnetic interference and RFI mitigation characteristics.

6. This is a newly designed interface.

The biggest feature is that it does not divide the front and back when accessing. It supports the USB 3.1 standard at the highest and is backward compatible with USB 2.0. The earliest release to use this interface is the Nokia N1 tablet, and the application that accompanies the Apple MacBook pro usb and macbook air usb is widely known by the public.

7. Devices using the USB Type-C interface

Cannot use other ordinary types of data cables, but you can buy an Sandisk usb c adapter to convert to a usb interface.

How many devices support USB Type-C now?

In addition, when it comes to mobile devices, Nokia’s tablet N1 is the world’s first tablet to support usb .

usb type c

In terms of external devices, Sandisk extreme pro usb 3.1 have introduced USB external devices.

Dellwa Marketing manager, Alan mentions that it is expected that usb c will replace micro USB C(micro-B) as the major interface type for mobile devices in the near future.

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