5 Features Of Customized Flash Drive That Make Everyone Love It.

customized flash drive

The most common application for customized flash drive is to store and exchange files. Such as files, pictures and videos.

Customized usb flash drive are very well in the field of personal computer repair, because they can transmit recovery or anti-virus software to the infected computer and allow part of the data to be preserved in this emergency state.

Customized usb flash drives are also popular among system and network administrators. They can put the configuration data and software used to manage the system, debug, and restore on the flash drive.

In addition to basic functions, customized flash drives can make everyone love it more.

customized flash drives

Customized Flash Drives for Business

1. Selling flash drives

USB flash drives have many advantages: light weight, small size, less space, can store more data, faster reading, faster writing and will not be unusable due to scratches or mold. Dellwa also provides OEM service and will be your best supplier.

2.Enhance the company’s brand reputation and corporate image

Customized flash drive is a good tool to strengthen corporate image and marketing.

Practical products with the company’s core value can convey the heart and ideas to customers.

Therefore, as a gift to customers, it can also be accepted by customers.

3. Meaning of customized flash drive

USB Flash drive is a product that can be used for a long time.

Therefore, when company presents a customized flash drive to a customer, it also means that your company will serve the customer forever and will always be with the customer, just like this flash drive.

4.The enterprise itself badge

When visiting customers or meeting with client, often need to transfer important files to another computer of client.

If at this time to come up with customized flash drive plugged into the computer, let your customers to more impressions.

Plus your company’s advantages, long-term cooperation are negotiated.

5. Customized usb flash drives V.S. Cloud drive

In cloud drive, it can’t be read without internet, it has slow reading speed, many restrictions, high price, monthly payment every year, complicated and inconvenient functions.

Older equipment is not supported, no one can be responsible for the loss of data.

If you can’t save it, you will be hacked.

Data and photos are stolen and leaked out.

It’s okay to be a temporary backup.

Long-term storage, convenience, versatility, and security are not as good as a flash drive.

Therefore, if you want to save important data forever, you must to double backup.

How to own customized flash drive?

It can provide enterprises with customized usb flash drive production and processing customization services, with novel and fashionable styles, which are deeply liked by users of domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions.

Our company can provide companies with customized usb flash drive of different materials and styles for companies to directly print LOGO to purchase customized options.

If you have high quality requirements for USB flash drives or want to find a professional USB flash drive customization factory, Dellwa will be your ideal choice.

Dellwa’s customized service provides unique packaging, customized appearance, color adjustment, content pre-loading and other options through a simple and convenient ordering method, and is suitable for bulk packaging.


From Dellwa sales manager Alan Tsai said,

“100% test and 100% made in Taiwan, easy plug & play. And special graphic or coating, and packing design all welcome. We provide plenty USB flash drive (pen drive) housing style.

These Customized Flash Drive carry your logo on display all over the world “

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