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4 Top Tips of Bulk USB Flash Drives


In addition to the transmission through the Internet, you still have to go through a USB flash if you want to exchange data. Besides the function of data exchange, the USB flash drive with higher capacity can also be used as data backup. Details about bulk flash drives, including capacity, interfaces, speed, branding, and warranty are as follows:

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1. Bulk flash drives: Capacity

The larger the capacity of the flash drive, the budget needs more. It is recommended to select a suitable capacity according to the type of commonly stored data. If you just store all kinds of documents and data for work, then the basic 16GB is enough; but if there are many pictures and video files in it, it is recommended to choose products with more than 32GB.

All bulk flash drives, in principle, it is recommended not to fill up every time. Try to leave 20% to 30% of the space to extend the service life. The smaller the capacity of some products, the slower the writing and reading speed.

2. Bulk usb drives : Interfaces

The interface is definitely the key to buying a USB flash drive. Should I choose the traditional Type-A (USB-A)? Micro-B or USB-C? Or is it Apple’s Lightning interface?

Therefore, it is important to understand which interfaces are required when using a flash drive. If you don’t think clearly before buying, you will have to add some adapters to connect with the peripheral equipment after you buy it. After an additional layer of connectors, it may reduce the transmission speed or compatibility!

Important reminder

Some flash drives will support dual interfaces, such as USB-A and USB-C, or USB-A and Apple’s Lightning, etc., which are all good choices. USB interface and USB specifications are two different things. USB-A is connected USB 3.1 is a speed specification, and USB 3.1 may be a USB-A or USB-C interface.

3. Bulk flash drives : Speed

Not all flash drives are equally fast. The interface mentioned above is just like a highway. The highway has a certain speed limit, but not every car can drive to the highest speed. For example: USB-C (Also known as USB Type-C) can support the USB 3.1 standard. It will be downward compatible, you can still connect to slower computer peripherals through the adapter, such as USB 2.0, while the USB 3.1 standard speed it is 10Gb/s. In short, data transmission can reach up to 10Gb per second. Therefore, if the speed of the flash drive can be higher, there is no need to wait a long time when reading and writing the USB flash drive, especially data written to this part.

Generally, flash drives will not mark the speed, because they are not fast enough. If the transmission speed is marked, the user will obviously feel that the waiting time is really relatively short. On the other hand, the price will be higher.

4. Bulk flash Drives-Brand and Warranty

Don’t buy unbranded flash drives just because they are cheap. Branded products are more secure. They can be replaced for free if they break during the warranty period. The most important and valuable thing is not the flash drive, but the data stored in the flash drive. Even if the quality is poor or unstable, even with the best warranty or after-sales service, it will still be unacceptable to consumers.

Recommended Bulk Flash Drives

Recommend based on the above purchase conditions:

bulk customized usb-eFOX
  • Capacity: 16GB-256GB
  • Interface: USB-A
  • Speed: USB 3.0, Write Speed: up to 25 MB/s; Read Speed: up to 70 MB/s
  • Styling: 360 degree rotation cap protects the USB port and avoid to lose itself easily. (Never-lose-cap Design)
  • Brand and Warranty: eFOX, 5 years warranty

Bulk flash drives to buy according to your needs!

The speed difference, the size of the capacity, and the brand and warranty often determine the price of the flash drive. For simple data backup or exchange, a flash drive of normal speed is sufficient, but if you want to play videos directly from the flash drive, it is recommended to choose a fast flash drive as a good.

At present, 1080P resolution of the video may not have much impact on the speed of the flash drive. In case of playing a video with a resolution above 4K, the speed of the flash drive is definitely an important factor.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that the current official name of USB 3.0 specifications changed to USB 3.1Gen1, 5Gb per second high-speed data transmission, while the original USB 3.1 was changed to USB 3.1Gen2, 10Gb per second data transmission speed. At the time of purchase may wish to pay more attention!

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