qlc vs tlc

QLC vs TLC Who Is Better with Flash Memory?


QLC vs TLC: No needed for games

QLC vs TLC since QLC flash memory has been mass-produced and listed in the past year or two, major players have chosen either TLC or QLC flash memory. It has been a long time since the two types of flash memory were good or bad.

qlc vs tlc

In terms of flash memory particles, SSD particles include SLC, MLC, TLC and sometimes QLC. At present, the most common ones are MLC/ TLC and QLC. Among them, the internal structure of tlc nand flash stores 3bit data, and qlc nand flash stores 4bit data.

Two difference qlc vs tlc  

1. tlc qlc about speed

As for the difference between the tlc qlc of flash memory, TLC is high-speed storage and QLC is slower.

2. tlc qlc flash endurance

In addition, TLC nand flash has a large capacity and higher reliability, while QLC flash memory has a larger capacity and average reliability.

qlc vs tlcQLC nand flash is suitable for short-term use, the more data stored, the worse the performance, and TLC nand flash is suitable for long-term use, easy to deal with gaming games.

In general talking about commercial level TLC level nand flash. Dellwa believes that tlc ssd meaning is higher stability and reliability than QLC SSD, and have the advantages of longer life than QLC and no speed drop.

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