2021 The Best Micro SD Card Manufacturer

2021 The Best Micro SD Card Manufacturer


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Micro SD card manufacturer provide the best solution for all industrial customers. With the advent of the era of 5G, AIoT and the Internet of things, the design of various transportation vehicles is relatively more complicated. Whether it is automotive electronic equipment and applications or recording/monitoring systems. The importance of industrial-grade storage and memory is continuously increasing.

In addition to existing hard disks, floppy disks, and rewritable optical discs, memory cards are essential storage devices for various digital products. Digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, etc., are all products that make good use of memory cards. However, there are not a few types of memory cards, and there is not much connectivity between them. Make micro sd card manufacturer vigorously promote their own specifications in order to have a place.

Best Micro SD Card Manufacturer

Cars or public transportation vehicles must have the ability to adapt to the outdoors, to drive in various unimaginable environments, face temperature changes, power supply stability. And high-speed vibration and other challenges, stable, reliable and stable operation for a long time The storage products are essential.

Who Makes Micro SD Card manufacturer?

DELLWA has been deeply involved in the storage industry for many years. With its rich experience and high-quality products, advanced technology and services. DELLWA can use its storage products to ensure that developers provide stable data collection, monitoring and protection of automotive electronic systems in different harsh environments.

DELLWA emphasized that as the popularity of 5G deployment continues to increase, the Internet of Vehicles, autonomous driving and smart transportation systems will also flourish in the future. In the foreseeable future, the use of NAND Flash in the automotive market will also continue to increase. Professional technology, strict monitoring and powerful services, provide the most suitable solutions. And fully meet the high standards of customers for stability, professionalism, and high-efficiency storage solutions.

Industrial SD Card Features: High Durability, Wide Temperature

Some micro sd card taiwan manufacturer pointed out that the “durability” of the memory card is very important for in-vehicle applications. Because it is usually responsible for uninterrupted video recording. The driving recorder has become a standard configuration in the field of self-use passenger cars. And it is also highly valued in the safety monitoring of buses, trains, high-speed rails, Shinkansen, etc., or in the cab.

In this regard, DELLWA provides large-capacity, fast reading and writing speed and long-life “SLC” particles, can adapt to a wide range of temperature environments. And also designed a solid shell that can withstand vibration and shock during travel. Provide major Brand Flash products can perform 24-hour uninterrupted high-quality video recording. In order to ensure the smoothness and stability of stored data and images.

More importantly, Dellwa provides after-sale service. When a industrial memory card has a problem and needs to be repaired. And maintenance personnel can quickly solve the problem.


From Dellwa sales manager Alan Tsai said:
“The application field of industrial memory card and commercial memory module are about automotive, telecom, GPS, embedded, recorder and displays, medical and healthcare, etc.
We are micro sd card suppliers wholesale glad to provide you memory cards for suitable you are significant and sophisticated equipment. “
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