What is the difference between genuine memory card, parallel imports memory card,wholesale bulk memory card ?


What is wholesale bulk memory card?

Bulk memory card apply on plastic tray, a tray includes 8pcs x 15pcs=120pcs

bulk memory card

What is genuine product?

Genuine goods means an authorized distributor by the original factory.

Genuine product

What is Parallel Import?

Parallel import is only are genuine and authentic. That’s why they are referred to as a “grey market” product, as opposed to a black market product. The importation and sale of genuine goods by unauthorized dealers is unofficial but legal.

Dellwa Marketing manager, Alan explain that ” genuine goods ” refers to the goods provided by brand agents and provide a complete after-sale warranty service guarantee.

“Parallel input” (or “parallel imports”) refers to the cost of imports from abroad may allow lower stock quantity or consumption of products.

“Bulk” is the product sold in plastic tray and suitable for industrial buyer and wholesaler who doesn’t need individual retail pack. That is, the cost of disassembly is usually lower than the retail market price.