The Secret You Never Know About Mobile SD Card.

The Secret You Never Know About Mobile SD Card.


Mobile SD Card is also called tf card and Micro SD Card.

Have you ever encountered the embarrassment of not being able to take photos with beautiful scenery because of insufficient capacity?

With the rapid development of smart phones, more and more applications, pictures, and videos occupy more mobile phone space. If you want to make your mobile phone play a greater role. I have to mention mobile phone TF card.

Everyone wants to expand their phone to get more storage space, however do you really understand mobile phone memory card? The following is a simple way, you know more about mobile phone memory card.
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Dose mobile SD card really affect the performance of the phone?

The speed classification is generally: C4/C6/C10 three levels,

Their reading speed is C4=24MB/s, C6=32MB/s, C10=48MB/ s;

The writing speed is C4≈8MB/s, C6≈15MB/s, C10≈22MB/s.

The C0 card of UHS-1 can reach a high-speed reading above 80MB/S.

In fact, the fluency of mobile phones is closely related to flash memory.

The speed of reading and writing effect mobile phones.

Micro SD Card is installed in a phone, which has great influence and small influenc

Mobile SD Card has a great influence

1. Use a low-speed SD card

Some mobile phones will appear after the system update, “Using a low-speed SD card may seriously affect system performance”. In this case, maybe you install the SD card below C10 , and the reading and writing speed has been unable to work, which will seriously slow down the phone operating speed.

2. Use low-quality copycat SD cards

If you use a low-quality copy of the SD card, it will not only slow down the phone, but also cause frequent problems with the phone, such as screen flashing, restarting, disappearing software icons, and data corruption.

Mobile SD Card has small influence

Use a high-speed and high-quality SD card

For the low capacity of the mobile phone, a good quality SD card can expand more space, and make the phone smoother. For example, copy data, load large games, preview pictures, store important information, and photos, etc. If your phone is dropped or broken, just remove the SD card out, your precious information is still there.

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How to Choose A Mobile TF Card, and The Speed Can Be Doubled If You Choose The Right One!

When you buy a new micro SD card. The word “SDHC” is marked below the English letter of “micro”. This is the abbreviation of “High Capacity SD Memory Card”.

And this “SDHC” can be understood as a standard, and the capacity of a TF card conforming to the SDHC standard is greater than 2GB.

The number surrounded by an unclosed ring on the right represents the transmission speed level of the TF card.

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1. The highest Class level is not the best, and the speed matches the mobile phone is  the best.

The higher Class level is faster than low class level transmission speed. This statement is correct, but this is not mean that memory cards with high Class level can be used arbitrarily in the mobile phone.

Because higher level of memory cards such as Class 10 can be used in less products and mostly used in professional SLR equipment, they are not suitable for mobile phones. Even if you run on a mobile phone, its transmission speed does not have any obvious advantages.

Just choose the corresponding level according to your own choice, otherwise it will be a waste of money.

2.The memory card capacity should be moderate, the larger capacity of mobile SD card the more resources will be occupied.

The 256G large-capacity memory card can indeed allow you to store more data, but if you don’t have much storage, there is no need to buy a large-capacity memory card. Why to say that?

Because the card capacity not only affects the reading speed, but also drags down the mobile phone processor and accelerates the battery power consumption, which are invisible losses.

Although a large-capacity memory card allows you to obtain a large space capacity, if you don’t use much space, you can only waste the reading and writing functions of the phone again and again.

3. Focus on the brand, not just the price

Just look at the price to choose a TF card. This is a very big misunderstanding. It can be seen from a casual search that the price of TF card is actually quite different, especially for high-capacity TF cards. Some friends buy cheaper one to save money. As a result, broke after a short period of time, resulting in heavy losses of the saved data. And choose big brands such as Kingston, Sandisk or eFOX to provide life-long warranty service, product quality is excellent, data is more secure.

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