How to spot fake sandisk micro sd card like a duck to water.

How to Identify Real or Fake Sandisk Extreme PRO Micro SD?

From the perspective of the outer packaging, it is really difficult to distinguish fake sandisk at first glance, but there are still some small flaws that can be found to be different.

There are two places in the appearance that can easily distinguish the authenticity. The first place is the background packaging. The background printing of the real article is quite clear, and the fake is mosaic.

The second part is where the capacity is marked. The genuine goods will have a small asterisk next to the “GB” of the capacity, while the fake goods will not be printed.


Although the above two places are easy to identify, they are also the two places that fake dealers are best to modify. Because fakes come in a lot at one time, there will still be such products in the market in a short time. Let’s do a preliminary screening.

Then Next is about the content part.

The left of the above picture is a fake, and the right is a real one. There are two places we should pay attention to, the type and the clarity of the printing.


On the adapter card provided with the goods, the printing of the fake goods is equivalent to two light, and we can clearly distinguish them from the sharp part.

Regardless of any capacity and specifications, Sandisk’s adapter card will have a date and the word MIC. This is also a small place to pay attention to.

The last trick is to directly GOOGLE product serial number. Today, regardless of the company ‘s parallel imports, as long as it is genuine, the “SDSDQX-064G-U46A” on our GOOGLE should appear the Sandisk Extreme PRO 64G / 95mb pattern.

However, the google result is—


From Dellwa marketing manager, Alan, indicated that some customers respond that fake micro card is tend to as similar as the genuine micro sd in recent year. We hope that more customers will have a chance to avoid fake memory card and choose full capacity micro card. Dellwa has devoting in storage line more than 15 years, also be the reliable Sandisk agent, if you need original Sandisk  memory card or usb, Dellwa do only provide you genuine products for you.    

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