Bulk memory card

Global Bulk Memory Card Market Trend


According to Technavio’s analysis : The global SD card market is a key segment of the global memory card market. A memory card is a portable secondary storage device used to store digital information. It is used in devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, and tablets. SD cards are non-volatile in nature, and the data can be written multiple times, making it possible to reprogram the memory. Apart from there programmable capability, SD cards offer easy data portability and platform independent access, i.e., the data from the card can be accessed through any smartphone or laptop. Based on product type, memory cards can be further segmented into SD cards, Compact Flash cards, memory sticks, bulk memory card and multimedia cards.

Competitive landscape and key vendors

The SD card market is highly competitive with the presence of some well-established players. The competition is expected to intensify with vendors interested in developing high-capacity cards with high data transfer rates. Also, with the existing vendors investing huge amounts of money in research and development, the market competition will get intense during the forecast period. (Credit to Technavio’s data)

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