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Industrial SD Card: Where Is the Best?


Industrial sd card does not emphasize extreme protection, it can be called an industrial memory card.

For some products, stable In the industrial storage field with higher requirements for performance, reliability and durability, there are correspondingly: industrial cf card, industrial-grade CFast card, industrial SD card and industrial Micro SD (TF) card, etc. Some of these products need to be regarded as Local disks are used to install the operating system (OS), and some will require a longer life cycle, such as the BOM cannot be replaced in 5 years, and these can only meet customer requirements with industrial-grade storage.

What Is An Industrial SD Card?

The industrial SD card complies with the SD specification of the SD Association. It is a stable and reliable flash memory card with mature manufacturing process. It is designed, produced the product uses the highest quality SLC/MLC NAND Flash, which is suitable for applications that require data integrity and 100% normal operation.

Industrial grade SD card (Secure Digital) is a small removable non-volatile flash memory with a high-performance interface. At the same time, there are small-capacity and large-capacity specifications to choose from. The Secure Digital format combines the best portability and a high degree of production flexibility. No matter it is a small-scale or large-scale project, Secure Digital is an ideal solution.

What Is An Industrial Micro SD Card?

Industrial micro SD card is a very small industrial memory card based on the TransFlash card format manufactured by SanDisk. The industrial micro SD card is light in weight, and the product can withstand relatively high vibration. If the application has special requirements on the temperature range, you can choose a wide temperature product that supports -40 to +85C. Usually used in small devices such as mobile phones, drones, sports cameras, panoramic cameras, and dash cams.

Surveillance cameras and dash cameras are all used in long periods and high loads. Many of them need to work in wind and sun, cold and warm environments; in addition, aerospace and underground pipeline surveys are also in high temperature and high humidity harsh environments. Need to use industrial microsd, so need to have more reliable design requirements, which gave birth to micro sd industrial grade.

In short, the SD interface specification is constantly evolving over time to meet different requirements for better performance, features and capacity. In the case of the same size, the capacity of industrial grade micro sd card will become larger and larger, and the speed will become faster and faster.

SLC: 128M~8GB

What Does Industrial CF Card Mean?

Compact Flash technology is a technology compatible with the PC ATA interface standard proposed by the Compact Flash Association (CFA). CFA is composed of the leaders of CF technology. However, CF and CF+ technology have no technical and royalty barriers. One of the important reasons for its popularity.

The size of the industrial CF card is the largest among the memory cards that appeared in the early 1990s. The smaller memory cards that appeared later have a volume that is several times smaller than that of the industrial compact flashcard. They have dominated PDAs, mobile phones and consumer-grade digital cameras. Even so, the industrial CF card is still designed for high-end instruments or machinery that need to operate under severe temperatures. The allowable working temperature range is -45℃~90℃ (generally compact flash industrial which working temperature is -25℃~85℃), and it has the advantages of shockproof, dustproof, power saving and high transmission speed, providing the best compatibility performance and reliability, suitable for all kinds of devices compatible with the PCMCIA-ATA standard.

industrial compact flash card

What Is the Capacity of the Compact Flash Industrial?

Compact flash card industrial grade range from 2GB to 512GB.

Pick a card that can hold everything you need for a prolonged working; you won’t be misplacing these chunky industrial flash card easily.

What Is Compact Flash Industrial Used for?

Reliable large storage capacity, compatible with CF I and II equipment. These tell the memory card is designed to improve performance and reliability.

It is widely used in industrial equipment and some host systems that require low power consumption and scalable storage solutions. It has stable performance and strong compatibility. It is suitable for industrial machine tools, industrial control equipment, medical equipment, advertising machines, CF card slot digital cameras, PDA and other products that use CF card as storage medium.

What Are the Implications of Industrial Applications?

  • Long-life cards (suitable for continuous operation of machine tools) must be used, so SLC sd card and SLC micro sd card (high signal-to-noise ratio, high speed, long life) can only be used.
  • Must be suitable for factory application wear leveling technology (maximum life)
  • Small storage block is preferred
  • Essential functions such as error correction
  • Efficient backup block algorithm to improve the life of the industrial grade cf card
  • Not all cards can install software licenses

Industrial SD Card for Industrial Applications

The industrial compact flash card specification is also applied to special industrial equipment such as a variety of input/output and interfaces.

  • Embedded Systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial Automation System
  • Digital camera
  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • Dynamic Digital Signage
  • In-Car System (ADAS、Dash Cam)
  • Monitoring System
  • Vending Machine
  • Cyber Security
  • industrial sd card-factory machineindustrial sd card for dash camcyber security

    embedded memoryindustrial micro sd card

    What is SLC SD Card?

    The slc sd card uses SLC NAND flash memory particles, which can withstand harsh working conditions such as high temperature, extreme cold (-40°C to 85°C), vibration, etc., enhance durability and extend service life, and use MLC or compared with similar products of TLC NAND flash memory, it has higher stability, longer lifespan, and excellent performance, which is suitable for storage equipment of industrial automation system.

    Which Compact Flash SLC Card Are Available?

    In general, SLC technology is the most advanced SLC Compact Flash card technology in industrial application.

    1. slc sd card
    2. slc micro sd card
    3. compact flash slc

    What Are the Advantages of SLC Compact Flash Has?

    • For use with digital devices requiring high memory capacity
    • Ultrasmall removable data storage system
    • Built-in industry-standard compatibility

    If you compare the technical data of the two different series (SLC and MLC particles) industrial compact flash card provided on the SanDisk official website, you will find that the product made of MLC NAND only has a write speed of 10X (1.5Mbyte/sec). SLC NAND The finished product can reach a write speed of 22X (3.2Mbyte/sec) (products with a capacity of 64MB or more, and products with a capacity of 48MB or less are still only 10X write speed); in addition, MLC products are compared with SLC Compact Flash 15% more current consumption under the same conditions of use, and digital cameras and other digital mobile devices such as PDAs need to be power-saving, high-speed storage media, products made of SLC NAND flash are the ideal choice for industrial buyers.

    These features make it an ideal choice for industrial automation (such as PLC), transportation systems (such as on-board data loggers) and other machines and equipment that support industrial SD card.

    Why Automotive SD Card Is Need for In-Car System?

    Automotive SD card is mainly designed for Dash Cam, ADAS or GPS. The operating temperature range includes minus -40°C to +85°C and minus -40°C to 105°C (Grade 3,2). In addition, the anti-interference ability of the power supply is enhanced. The capacity is 8 GB up to 64 GB, and the Automotive micro sd card can even reach 128 GB. The transmission speed can reach up to 80MB/s. Can bring reliability and high-performance storage optimization for in-car applications,
    Automotive sd card also Including 3D maps and advanced augmented reality navigation systems, infotainment and driving assistance, and data event recording.

    About SanDisk Automotive SD Card

    It is understood that in order to cater to the industrial memory card needs of current automated machines, such as connected cars and drones, there is also an exclusive new series of “Automative” SD card series. Although it does not have a dedicated testing tool like the Industrial version, it has the AEC-Q100 Grade 3 certification for automotive accessories, which also proves that the Sandisk automotive sd card can be used at a temperature of -40°C to 85°C.

    Sandisk industrial sd card for adas
    SanDisk Automotive SD Card for ADAS

    Common Industrial SD Card Problems

    1. What Are the Types of Industrial SD Card?

    Industrial sd card can be simply divided into industrial grade and standard. The difference is that the industrial grade sd card is mainly suitable for industrial control industries, while the general standard is suitable for consumer product applications, such as mobile phones and cameras.

    2. What Changes Have Been Made Since the Development of Industrial Grade SD Card?

    At present, industrial grade sd card have started from SLC to MLC. At present, SLC (single level cell) slc sd card used has been widely used in industry. Standard sd card are mostly MLC (multi-level cell), so industrial sd card are more standard sd card is more stable and durable.

    What Is the Biggest Difference Between SLC, MLC and TLC?

    The first is the cost, the second is the performance, and the last is the life.
    SLC (Single-Level Cell) stores one-bit data in each memory cell, so that slc sd card has lower power consumption and better endurance. The disadvantages of slc sd card include higher manufacturing cost and lower density.

    MLC (Multi-Level Cell) stores two-bit data in each memory cell, allowing it to store twice the amount of data in a NAND flash device of the same capacity. At the same time, MLC provides lower manufacturing costs. However, MLC stores one bit more in each cell than SLC, which makes MLC have higher power consumption and lower endurance.

    TLC (Triple Level Cell) stores three-bit data in each memory cell, making it store three times the amount of data in a NAND flash device of the same capacity. At the same time, TLC offers the lowest manufacturing cost compared to the aforementioned SLC and MLC. However, compared with MLC, TLC stores one bit more in each unit, so that TLC has the largest power consumption and the lowest endurance.

    slc sd card

    Industrial sd card made from DELLWA use SLC and MLC types with excellent reliability.

    3. When Choosing An industrial Memory Card, What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention to?

    First of all, we divide the industrial market into two categories. One is the narrow industrial market, which specifically refers to the industrial computer (IPC) market required for factory automation and control; the other is the broad industrial market, such as rail transit, refers to industrial Industry segments that have similar product characteristics (such as high stability, long life, harsh environment, data security, etc.) to industrial computers, such as automotive, medical, military, aerospace and other fields.

    Due to the particularity of the environment in the industrial market, customer needs are different from the consumer sector. In the face of various market segments, customers will also have different requirements in terms of use conditions. For example, when selecting a industrial cf card, industrial users will pay particular attention to whether power-off protection and wide temperature are required in terms of read/write performance and application environment.

    4. Is Industrial Grade CF Card Better Than Industrial SD Card?

    The advantages of the industrial CF card are also obvious, that is, the storage speed is fast, the storage performance is stable, and the card itself is not easy to be damaged, and the diamagnetic is better than other cards.

    The advantages of industrial SD card are naturally small size, and the comprehensive performance and volume are better. Compared with the current smaller industrial microsd, the application range is larger. And the price is cheaper than compact flash industrial.

    Compared with industrial compact flash card, the disadvantage is that the read and write speed is slower. The current highest speed industrial SD card is not compared with high-end Compact Flash industrial. In addition, the stability and memory card hardware quality are lower. The industrial flash card is easily damaged and write-resistant The switch is prone to failure, because it is small and easier to lose.

    Why Choose DELLWA?

    From Dellwa sales manager Alan Tsai said:
    “The application field of Sandisk industrial 128gb and sandisk industrial microsd are about automotive, telecom, GPS, embedded, recorder and displays, medical and healthcare, etc.
    We are glad to provide you from industrial compact flash card 512mb to Sandisk industrial 32gb micro sd for suitable you are significant and sophisticated equipment. “
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