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Industrial Memory Card: Did You Buy It Right?


Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics and differences between industrial memory card and automotive SD card.

Industrial SD Card

There are three main types of industrial-grade SD: industrial-grade SD, industrial-grade microSD, and industrial-grade temperature extension SD. The temperature operating range of the industrial-grade temperature extension SD is -40C to 85C. Industrial-grade SD cards are used in applications such as medical treatment, monitoring systems, and automated machines. Industrial-grade SD cards must also provide sufficient reliability and durability to meet the needs of industrial-grade applications. Industrial grade SD is relatively simple.

Automotive SD Card

Unlike industrial memory card, automotive SD card is more stringent and requires higher durability and reliability. At the same time, it needs to meet the level 3 standard of AEC-Q100 in the automotive industry. Nowadays, automobile storage is getting more and more popular. In terms of automobile intelligent application, high capacity and fast storage, automobile-grade SD is required to show more excellent performance.

Knowing the difference between industrial memory card and standard SD card, what are the specific characteristics of this type of solution?

  • Performance: The sequential read speed has reached 80MB/s, and the sequential write speed has reached 50MB/s.
  • Capacity: Automotive SD card provides up to 64GB, and industrial memory card provides up to 128GB.

Expansion performance: In order to provide a better user experience, the SD card health monitoring function has been added to the industrial SD, that is to say, the use status of the SD card, the status of the use process and the life of the SD will all form a report for the user to update Good understanding of SD’s health status. In addition, in addition to the health monitoring function, there are power protection and host locking functions. When the SD is no longer used or there is a problem, the security of the data in the SD can be guaranteed.

Why Choose Dellwa?

Why is it said that the Dellwa industrial memory card and the in-car system are “right to the door”?

1. Dellwa has a variety of cards to choose from

Most car systems use one of TF card and SD card. TF card is a small card that we usually insert in mobile phones, and SD card is a large card inserted in a single-lens camera.

For the driving recorder using SD card, please do not use TF card + card slot instead of SD card. The driving conditions of the car are complicated, and the shaking of the dash cam can easily cause the memory card to contact instability, which may cause the dash cam to be unable to record or store.

Whether it is TF card or SD card, Dellwa has all of them, and they are further subdivided into the following four types: industrial, wide temperature, long life, and car gauge.

Industrial Flash Card

Industrial memory cards are in contrast with consumer-grade memory cards. The operating temperature of consumer-grade memory cards is generally 0℃~70℃, and the number of erasing and writing is generally 300-500;

The working temperature of Dellwa industrial memory card is -25℃~85℃, and the number of erasing and writing is 3000 times. Not only does the working temperature range is wider, but the service life is 10 times that of consumer grade!

Wide temperature type

The operating temperature of the wide temperature memory card is -40°C to 85°C. Compared with the industrial type, the wide temperature type has a larger temperature range and is used in a harsher environment.

In fact, in addition to the wide temperature type, the operating temperature of the long-life and car-sized Dellwa memory card is also -40℃~85℃.

Long life type

The long-life memory card has 30,000 erasing times, which means that when you spend 100 consumer-grade wholesale memory card, I only need a Dellwa long-life industrial memory card.

Car gauge type

Dellwa car-type memory cards have AEC-Q100 certification, and the hardware specifications are strictly compared to standards.

2. Reads and writes faster

Lets take dash cam as an example:
When the car is driving at high speed, the picture taken by the dash cam changes very quickly, so the writing speed of the memory card must not be low.

Class is the standard to measure the speed of the memory card. There are several levels of Class2, Class4, Class6, and Class10. The higher the number, the faster the speed.

The automotive sd card used by the driving recorder is at least Class6, so as to ensure smooth video without stuttering or missing seconds.

As an industrial flash card, the lowest speed is C10, U1, the highest speed is U3, and the reading and writing speed is faster. It can not only meet the 1080P recording of the driving recorder, but also support the recording of higher-quality 4K video. It can also be faster and more efficient in the process of exporting the video to the computer, 2-3 times faster than the ordinary low-speed memory card, and it takes less time to read the video.

In addition, the excellent performance of the Dellwa industrial memory card can also support 24 hours a day uninterrupted recording to achieve parking monitoring functions.

sd card for dash camera

3. Quality is very stable

Our wholesale memory card are made of high-quality original particles and are 100% fully inspected to ensure that each card is a good product. The defective rate is only one thousandth, which is twice lower than that of consumer-grade memory cards.

And we have locked the BOM, the material, production and packaging links are not easily changed, the performance of the memory card is highly stable, and there will be no batch incompatibility issues.

In Summary

our industrial flash card are suitable for driving recorders, as well as other applications where audio, video and video data are written, such as car DVR, security monitoring, etc.

If your device requires wholesale sd cards, and you don’t happen to know how to solve it, an industrial memory card is the best solution, because you need a good memory card and the good storage supplier also needs to help you solve the situation.

From Dellwa sales manager Alan Tsai said:
“The application field of sd wholesale and 32gb memory card wholesale price are about automotive, telecom, GPS, embedded, recorder and displays, medical and healthcare, etc.
We are glad to provide you indsutrial memory card and memory card wholesale price for suitable you are significant and sophisticated equipment. “
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