industrial microsd for cctv security cameras

Which Industrial MicroSD Is Best for Surveillance Cameras?


industrial microsd for cctv security cameras

With the rise of smart mobile devices, the application volume of SD memory cards has hit a peak. Nowadays, it is also a common dash cam, and cameras such as GoPro also rely sd cards to record images. In the past, the development of SD memory cards mainly focused on the improvement of access speed and capacity. Now, in response to the needs of various recording equipment, a new type of product with high durability has been added.

Including manufacturers such as SanDisk and Samsung, they have successively launched high-durability products in the first half of the year. And they advertising optimized designs for applications such as car recorders and video surveillance cameras. All of which are microSDXC/SDHC specifications.

One of its characteristics is extreme environment work endurance. It has four protections such as water, static electricity, X-ray rays, and vibration, and it can operate and use in the temperature range of -25~85°C.

However, most microSDXC/SDHC memory cards also have the same level of operation and endurance. The difference lies in whether there is a formal certification endorsement.

A industrial microsd on the market that is directly compatible with surveillance cameras?

Whether it is a company that uses surveillance images to ensure asset safety, or a retailer that accurately analyzes customers’ shopping habits through a surveillance system with facial recognition capabilities. It is important to continuously capture and analyze every moment in the image.

The industrial microsd to be selected first needs to be optimized for capturing surveillance images 24 hours and 7 days, which is worthy of peace of mind and trust for surveillance system operators. The industrial microsd has outstanding performance and can record and save a variety of high-resolution and next-generation formats of images. 4K Ultra HD, while flexibly supporting data transfer to the core data center for analysis to provide real-time business insights.

In addition, the industrial microsd products are durable and moisture-proof. And can be used in all kinds of extreme environmental conditions, including icy and snowy outdoors and hot and humid factory interiors.

The core key lies in the writing durability, because digital cameras, single-lens shooting still images. And long-term continuous recording of video cameras have a far different writing load on memory cards.

For most photography applications, the write loss of the flash memory of the memory card may take a long time to consume a theoretical erase cycle (Program/Erase Cycle). On the other hand, video recording applications are different. Especially for IP cameras and surveillance equipment, where data is written uninterruptedly throughout the year.

Also take a 64GB memory card as an example. Assuming that a Full HD video recording device has a data write capacity of 26Mbps (about 3.25MB/s), the total data volume per minute is 195MB, and 64GB can record for about 5 hours.

The Importance of Correct Compatible industrial microsd

When the written data exceeds the capacity of the memory card, it will automatically continue to cover the old blocks. In addition to the rapid loss of theoretical erasing life, the messy blocks will also lead to a sharp drop in write performance. In the previous example, after a whole day of continuous video recording (24 hours), the theoretical erasing life of flash memory was lost about 4.8 times, 144 times a month, and 1728 times a year.

Both industrial memory card and solid-state hard drives have essentially the same structure. Therefore, the impact of video recording application on writing loss, suppliers are beginning to pay attention to and then launch relative products.

slc sd card

Is SLC Micro SD Card More Better?

SLC (Single-Level Cell) single-level storage, slc sd card, 1bit/cell, has the lowest storage density, small voltage variation range when writing data. The longest life of about 100,000 erasing and writing cycles, the best stability, most applications are high-end enterprise-level product.

MLC (Multi-Level Cell) industrial flash card, that is, 2bit/cell, multi-layer storage, double-layer storage electronic structure, storage density is higher than SLC. Life span is 3000-5000 times, it is applied to civilian high-end industrial microsd.

The Sandisk brand emphasizes the use of MLC type particles, and clearly indicates the maximum durability reference value. And the limited warranty service is also 2 years.

The maximum durability reference value corresponds to the theoretical erasure life of industrial memory card, and the reference durability is proportional to the product capacity. Supplier mostly use Full HD video recording as the calculation benchmark. SanDisk products indicate 64GB 10000 hours and 32GB 5000 hours.

The 2-year warranty is just near the critical point of particle theoretical erasure life.

About Industrial microsd Performance

The design access performance of this type of high-endurance industrial micro sd card. SanDisk products indicate that the maximum read and write speed is 20MB/s.

UHS Speed Class 1, Speed Class 10 guarantees the writing speed specification design. The stable writing speed can reach at least 10MB/s (equivalent to 80Mbps).

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