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Simple Guidance for You in Industrial SD Card


As machines for commercial usage are faced with increasingly severe environments, the industrial sd card used in them need to be more sturdy to be competent.

What Is An Industrial SD Card?

Industrial sd card have the tolerance to withstand the risk of power failure, program/erasure durability, automatic update of bit errors, and a temperature range suitable for industrial applications.

Industrial sd card is specially designed for applications such as security surveillance cameras, factory automation, broadcasting equipment, and dash camera. Its format complies with industrial SD card specifications and offers multiple GB capacities.

When choosing a storage device such as an industrial sd card and other two types of memory cards, one size does not fit all due to the diversity of industries and extensive range of usage scenarios. It is important to determine how the device will be used and for which specific applications.

What Is An Industrial Micro SD Card?

Industrial micro sd card not only have the industrial grade micro sd card which temperature resistance specifications, but also can operate normally in harsh environments. Micro sd industrial grade can work at a high temperature of minus -25°C to 85°C. In addition to their high durability, industrial microsd are not lazy in speed. Provide read and write speeds of 50MB/s to 80MB/s respectively, with capacities ranging from 8 GB to the highest 64 GB, industrial microsd and even up to 128 GB memory card and automatic memory refresh function, which can protect the files in the memory card and reduce the chance of file corruption.

industrial grade micro sd -DELLWAcard

What Is An Industrial CF card?

Industrial cf card was originally a data storage device used in portable electronic devices, and it was widely used in cyber security.

Industrial compact flash card, small size device applied to PATA interface, suitable for various industrial fields and any harsh environment.

By 2018, the capacity specifications of industrial cf card will range from a minimum of 8MB to a maximum of 256GB.

industrial compact flash card

Industrial SD Card Difference

Industrial VS Standard

Industrial sd card and standard sd card which on the surface look the same. Identical mechanical design, capacity and matching form factors are all same. However, there are significant differences between Industrial grade SD card and Consumer grade flash devices. It is important to consider the influences of differences have on reliability, endurance, compliance and total cost of ownership before selecting a device that is fit for purpose.

The main differences between the two are as follows:

(1) Commercial SD card can only be used as removable disk, and industrial use can only be used as fixed disk.

(2) Difference in working temperature: Industrial SD card: -40°C to 85°C; Commercial SD card: -25°C to 85°C.

(3) Flash chip type: Industrial SD cards are mostly SLC (single level cell), commercial SD cards are mostly MLC (multi-level cell), so industrial SD cards are more stable and durable than commercial SD cards.

sd standard

NAND Industrial Flash Card Is A Key Component of Memory Cards

The types of NAND industrial flash card can be divided into SLC (single-layer cell), MLC (multi-layer cell) and TLC (three-tier cell)

  • SLC (Single-Level Cell) stores one-bit data in each memory cell, so that SLC has lower power consumption and better endurance. The disadvantages of SLC include higher manufacturing cost and lower density.
  • MLC (Multi-Level Cell) stores two-bit data in each memory cell, allowing it to store twice the amount of data in a NAND flash device of the same capacity. At the same time, MLC provides lower manufacturing costs. However, MLC stores one bit more in each cell than SLC, which makes MLC have higher power consumption and lower endurance.
  • TLC (Triple Level Cell) stores three-bit data in each memory cell, so that it can store three times the amount of data in a NAND flash device of the same capacity. At the same time, TLC offers the lowest manufacturing cost compared to the aforementioned SLC and MLC. However, compared with MLC, TLC stores one bit more in each unit, so that TLC has the largest power consumption and the lowest endurance.

slc sd card

Industrial sd cards generally use mlc or slc particles. Their advantage is the long read and write lifespan, because the current memory particles have read and write lifespans, and the particles will be locked at the read and write lifespan.

However, a good particles need to be equipped with good control chips. Only in this way can we ensure the stability of long-term work.

Industrial SLC SD Card Which Use SLC Particles:

The micro sd card SLC is equipped with high-quality SLC NAND flash memory particles, which enhances durability and prolongs the service life. It is a good choice for industrial automation systems.

Industrial-grade products have many functions and benefits to support the successful operation of industrial applications. The definition of industrial-grade flash memory accepted by the general industry refers to products made with SLC NAND.

Dellwa’s industrial-grade products have superior performance in all aspects. In order to meet the memory card needs of current automated machines, such as connected cars and drones, there is also a new series of special Automotive SD card.

Automotive sd Card

Automotive SD card will play its reliable storage function in automotive applications. In recent years, the driving recorder has become common, and SD cards that can store a large amount of data have continued to grow steadily. However, SD cards may be affected by environmental stresses such as vibration and impact in a car environment. Therefore, the vibration resistance of the card is very important. Since smart cars can be used in a very wide range, it can be used in severe cold Siberia or hot Africa.

The internal temperature and power supply stability will affect the card. For example, drastic temperature changes will affect the storage of NAND Flash and data. As a result, their ability to hold electric charges is reduced, and the loophole may lead to the loss of data. In order to cope with various conditions, SD card suppliers can cooperate with various manufacturers to ensure the reliability and high performance of SD cards through data access stress testing and durability testing.

Industrial SD Card Is So Famous, But Why?

1. Industrial Grade SD Card Can Withstand Extreme Environments

The best industrial grade SD cards are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions and can also work normally. Consumer-grade SD cards only need to store data for electronic game consoles or personal cameras, while industrial-grade SD cards may need to withstand extreme temperatures in industries such as aerospace, transportation, and manufacturing. Dellwa’s industrial-grade SD cards are designed to operate perfectly in a temperature range as low as -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, and are flexible enough to withstand other environmental variables such as shock and vibration.

2. Industrial Grade SD Cards with Various Capacities

Industry application customers tend to choose the best capacity flash memory card according to their application requirements, and follow the principle of “sufficient capacity”. In some cases, this may mean choosing a low-capacity industrial-grade SD card, such as 128 MB. However, other applications may require higher storage capacity, which is why Dellwa’s industrial-grade SD card can provide up to 256GB of capacity.

The Dellwa industrial SD card complies with the SD specifications of the SD Association and has the following capacity specifications:

SD: 128MB~2GB SDHC: 4GB~32GB SDXC: 64GB~256GB

3. Industrial Grade SD Card Provides More Powerful Additional Functions

Capacity and flexibility are not the only factors to consider when choosing an industrial SD card for any established application environment. Industry application customers should also consider other features to increase the special functions of flash memory devices. For example, wear leveling will ensure the effective use of memory cells to extend the life of memory cards. Locking the BOM (Bill of Material) bill of materials is also an ideal feature of an industrial-grade SD card, because it can ensure long-term compatibility.

Unlike consumer products, where cost performance is the primary consideration, industrial products have extremely high requirements for quality, reliability, and stability from material selection, production, testing, and quality control.


When the industrial SD card is used as an industrial Internet of Things application, it is sometimes carried out under extreme environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, pressure, impact, radiation, and altitude. Long-term exposure to extreme environments will cause data loss or device failure.

In the future, the choice of industrial flash card will depend on the product’s IoT application. SD suppliers can screen industrial memory card with stable performance through testing and verification processes.

Even in the harsh working environment of -40°C to 85°C, it still shows superior performance, including compatibility and reliability.

Industrial microsd and industrial cf card can be equipped with

  • Embedded Systems
  • Automatic Machines
  • Cyber Security
  • Dynamic Digital Signage
  • Military Computers
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Vending Machines
  • In-Car System: Dash Cam, ADAS System, GPS
  • Health Care

Important Industrial Needs And Factors to Be Considered

Generally, industrial applications are not only critical to the task, but also critical to safety and life. As more and more industrial systems become autonomous or require little manual intervention, the efficiency of data storage and instant access to information, delivery and analysis have become more important than ever.

Are You Finding A Reliable memory card supplier?

Dellwa devoted industrial SD card and commercial memory card exceed 15
years, our PM team only choose higher quality raw material for higher
performance and endurance.

How about the industrial memory card R/W speed?

Up to 80~92MB/s reading, and 35~50MB/s writing speed, etc.
The MLC we develop for industrial memory card is up to Class 10 at least.
Extend compatibility, widely compatible with microSDHC, microSDCX,
microSDHC UHS-I, microSDXC UHS-I. For fast data storage, small capacity
can be also use into industrial control systems.
How is the range of temperature?
All memory and storage products are 100% system tested from -25° C to
+75° C. Additionally, extended temperature ranges beyond industrial
grade from -45° C ambient to +100° C ambient can be supported.

What Is Warranty Term And Certificates?

Our PM and design team experience guarantee using only good quality
flash chip for best performance products.
Industrial Grade micro card we offer is full capacity absolutely, have
long life cycles at least 5 year warranty or above, and certificate passed
like CE/FCC/RoHS…etc.
we’re glad to provide you Industrial SD card for suitable your
significant and sophisticated equipments, please feel free to contact us!”


From Alan Tsai, sales manager of Dellwa Co., Ltd said,
“The application field of industrial compact flash card and industrial microsd are about automotive, telecom, GPS, embedded, recorder and displays, medical and healthcare, etc.
We are glad to provide you industrial microsd for suitable you are significant and sophisticated equipment. “
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