industrial micro sd card

Industrial Micro Sd Card: 6 Keys to Consider


industrial micro sd card

Industrial micro sd card presently, there are many differents to choose from in the video recording market at the edge of the network, from industrial-grade functions to commercial or retail grades, and various models in between.

6 Keys to Consider When Choosing An Industrial Micro Sd Card

1. Brand Trust and Reliability

When selecting a industrial microsd for an edge surveillance camera, consider a dependable, rich experience, and approved manufacturer of video surveillance and industrial micro sd card products and technologies.

2. Industrial Micro Sd Card High Write Endurance

The endurance of micro sd industrial grade refers to the number of times the memory card can be overwritten (number of erasures) before it cannot store data correctly. Overwriting is periodic, and the old content is overwritten and replaced with new streaming videos until the industrial memory card capacity is full, and this cycle is repeated. The higher the write endurance, the longer the industrial memory card can be used before it needs to be replaced.

3. Preventive Maintenance

Using a industrial microsd that supports this feature allows system integrators and operators to perform preventive maintenance to reduce system failures and related maintenance costs.

4. Read and Write Performance Evaluation

In order to continuously capture the original image, the industrial micro sd card in the surveillance camera is performing writing operations approximately 70 to 90% of the time, while the other 10 to 30% of the time is reading the recorded video. Fragment. The difference in read/write performance depends on whether the industrial microsd is used in an artificial intelligence (AI) capable camera or a standard camera. To find an affordable memory card that provides enough bandwidth to correctly store streaming data. Its industrial microsd function needs to be between fast industrial use and slower commercial grade. A micro sd industrial grade with a write speed of 50MB/s and a read speed of 80MB/s bandwidth is generally sufficient for surveillance cameras.

5. Temperature Range

In view of the various temperature ranges required by camera manufacturers, the industrial microsd used in surveillance cameras should support a temperature range from -25°C to 85°C, or in extreme cases down to -40°C.

industrial microsd

6. Storage Capacity

Although 64GB is currently considered to be the best capacity choice for industrial micro sd card in surveillance cameras today. That the smaller sandisk industrial 32gb micro sd capacity can attract small-scale or entry-level image surveillance deployments. In the future, in certain use cases, even larger capacity must be considered, and may become standard capacity as the market evolves.


Backup mechanism is indispensable

When selecting the appropriate industrial microsd card device in an industrialized system, it is necessary to confirm whether the memory card is specifically designed for the application, such as whether it has the appropriate write endurance and performance to store continuous streaming images, and whether it can withstand environmental challenges. And extreme wide temperature and can preventive maintenance be provided to provide long-term service?


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