Industrial Compact Flash Card VS SSD

Industrial Compact Flash Card VS SSD


Both industrial compact flash card and SSD (Solid State Drives) are storage with flash memory.

What Is Compact Flash?

In terms of appearance, industrial compact flash card can be divided into two types: CF I type cards and later CF II type cards. The CF II card slot is mainly used for other devices such as micro hard disks.

No matter how fast the industrial devices is, no matter how strong the video recording specification is, if the bottleneck falls on the industrial compact flash, no matter how strong it is, it will be difficult to play. Industrial CF cards meet the user’s stringent requirements for memory card performance and stability.

What Is SSD?

The Chinese name of SSD is solid state drive, which replaces traditional mechanical hard drive. The original design intention is to be high-speed, stable and more durable. SSD is composed of multiple flash memory chips, and each flash memory chip works at the same time when working, so the larger the capacity of the solid state drive, the higher the speed.

Also, the faster, there are many kinds of SSD interfaces. Generally, SATA ports are used on computers, and CE interfaces are used on portable devices. The interface design is high-speed, and there is no product bottleneck and no adapter card!

Advantage of Industrial Compact Flash Card and SSD

Industrial compact flash card devices are non-volatile and solid-state, so they are more stable than disk drives, consume only 5% of the power of a disk drive, but still have a faster transfer rate (SanDisk Extreme III CF The write speed and read speed of the card can reach 20MB/s).

industrial compact flash card vs ssd

Industrial compact flash card’s working voltage is 3.3 volts or 5 volts and can be switched between different systems. The industrial compact flash card can adapt to extreme temperature changes, and the industry standard industrial compact flash can work in the range of -45 to 85 °C.

Solid state drives provide a faster, more energy-efficient, and more reliable data storage experience. By using flash memory, SSD can instantly access and load files. And the industrial applications without having to manually search for data with spindles and rotating disks.

The Difference Between the Industrial Compact Flash Card and SSD

Repair Ability

The SSD has a master control, if it is broken, there is a chance for mass production and repair.
If the industrial compact flash is broken, it can only be scrapped directly. And it can be replaced with a new one with warranty, but there is no way to repair it.

Transfer Speed

Different data terminals result in different theoretical transfer speeds
industrial compact flash is still based on USB.

SSD has SATA/USB/M2, etc., there are differences in theoretical speed and bandwidth.


From Dellwa sales manager Alan Tsai said,
“The application field of industrial compact flash card and SSD are about automotive, telecom, GPS, embedded, recorder and displays, medical and server, etc.
We are glad to provide you compact flash industrial for suitable you are significant and sophisticated equipment. “
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