industrial sd card

How to Choose the Right Bulk Industrial SD Card ? PART II


Teach you to identify its index, category, technology and compatibility of bulk industrial SD card!!

Before choosing an industrial sd card, it is important to understand how to get the best results from your memory card.


industrial sd card

4. Reliability: The industrial sd card is very strong

Within the design specifications, it’s waterproof, anti-bending or torque, anti-static, and has 10,000 different insertions. Their external mechanical design combined with internal system management creates very durable cards.

Movable equipment needs power-off protection, but the capacitor cannot be installed in a limited space. Power-off protection firmware plays a vital role in data integrity. Various schemes can be used, such as SLC mode cache, multiple backups, and programming of all cells in a word line at the same time.

5.    Compatibility and optimization

One size is not universal. There is no perfect solution for all kind of devices. Although people willing to understand the industrial sd card is suitable for their designed device or motherboard, the only way to find out the suitable card size to test these memory card under the basic elements of the host system to test them, and then in actual application to the device, temperature durability and operation mode simulation. SD card life monitoring tools can be used to determine the health status before and after the testing. Therefore, after verification testing, system optimization and customization are possible. In some cases, host equipment vendors can integrate SD life monitoring functions into their software systems through special vendor commands.

Solving the data storage needs of different users requires different solutions to meet technical and budget standards, and the sd card are a small storage solution with many functions that can meet many different applications and devices.

Applications of Industrial sd card

Industrial grade products can tolerate more extreme conditions than consumer products, such as those encountered in

  1. Transportation: Gogoro, navigation
  2. factory automation
  3. Industrial PC and server
  4. Security: Surveillance camera and monitoring system.
  5. Medical and health care….etc.


Unlike consumer products, where cost performance is the primary consideration, industrial products have extremely high requirements for quality, reliability, and stability from material selection, production, testing, and quality control.

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