The Best Industrial SD Card for Dash Cam

Industrial SD Card (Industrial grade SD Card) is a small removable non-volatile flash memory. It is the most widely used removable sd card in terms of size and shape or interface. At the same time, there are small capacity and large capacity specifications to choose from. Industrial cf card
is designed, produced and tested for the purpose of withstanding the extreme working environment, and can also improve the reliability and durability of the system.

sd card for dash camera

Industrial SD card is mainly used for the continuous storage of the system, industrial control and military-grade customers with high reliability requirements, and the situation where the disk works under harsh environmental factors. These systems include network routers, industrial measurement and control systems, aerospace and satellite navigation systems, automobiles and other high-reliability systems.

SLC SD Card, Durable Industrial Sd Card, and SLC Cache

Dellwa’s industrial grade SD card is made of very stable and reliable SLC and MLC Nand Flash. In an environment with strict requirements for hardware and firmware control, it can meet the needs of various embedded applications. The Nand flash memory management technology that comes with Dellwa’s industrial sd. Its provides customization for each flash memory application to ensure strict power-down protection features and data storage management.

slc sd card

It enables Dellwa’s industrial memory card to handle data integrity, error correction, reading and program anti-jamming management, and applications with strong data retrieval capabilities.

Industrial Sd Card for Dash Cam

The main design and use scenarios are industrial automation systems, transportation systems, point of sale, monitoring systems and other industrial storage devices. Considering compact flash industrial grade’s durability, it should also be suitable for products with heavy writing loads such as driving recorders.

Industrial sd comply with the SD specifications of the SD Association have the following specifications:

SD:256MB、industrial compact flash card 512mb~2GB


SDXC:64GB~ sandisk industrial 128gb、256GB

32G/ 64G/ 128G compact flash industrial are suitable for various in-vehicle system electronic products that support compact flash industrial grade.

Why Choose Dellwa?

From Dellwa sales manager Alan Tsai said,
“The application field of industrial compact flash card and industrial sd are about automotive, telecom, GPS, embedded, recorder and displays, medical and healthcare, etc.
We are glad to provide you compact flash industrial grade for suitable you are significant and sophisticated equipment. “
For more information about industrial memory card news, please click here.
If you have demand of purchasing compact flash industrial, please don’t hesitate and feel free to contact us!”

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