industrial micro sd card

How Do You Choose The Best Industrial Micro Sd Card?


What is an industrial micro sd card?

Industrial micro sd card not only have the industrial grade micro sd card’s temperature resistance specifications, but also can operate normally in harsh environments. Micro sd industrial grade can work at a high temperature of minus -25°C to 85°C. In addition to their high durability, industrial microsd are not lazy in speed. Provide read and write speeds of 50MB/s to 80MB/s respectively, with capacities ranging from 8 GB to the highest 64 GB, industrial microsd and even up to 128 GB memory card and automatic memory refresh function, which can protect the files in the memory card and reduce the chance of file corruption.

Security use environment for large amounts of continuous writing, including

industrial micro sd card 4gb

sandisk industrial microsd card 8gb

industrial micro sd card 16gb

sandisk industrial 32gb micro sd 

sandisk industrial microsd card 64gb

sandisk industrial 128gb

Industrial slc micro sd card:

The micro sd card slc is equipped with high-quality SLC NAND flash memory particles, which enhances durability and prolongs the service life. It is a good choice for industrial automation systems.

Industrial slc micro sd card

The main design and use scenarios are industrial automation systems, transportation systems, POS machines, monitoring systems and other industrial storage devices. Considering its durability, it should also be suitable for products with heavy write load such as driving recorders .

Micro sd industrial grade also play its reliable storage function in automotive applications.

Backup mechanism is indispensable

When selecting the appropriate industrial microsd card device in an industrialized system, it is necessary to confirm whether the industrial microsd is specifically designed for the application, such as whether it has the appropriate write endurance and performance to store continuous streaming images, and whether it can withstand environmental challenges. And extreme wide temperature and can preventive maintenance be provided to provide long-term service?


From Dellwa salesman
“The application field of industrial compact flash card and industrial microsd are about automotive, telecom, GPS, embedded, recorder and displays, medical and healthcare, etc.
We are glad to provide you industrial microsd for suitable you are significant and sophisticated equipment. “
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