CFast Memory Card VS CF

CFast Memory Card VS CF: 3 Keys You Must Know


Both the CF card and the CFast memory card (Known as the smallest SATA solid state drive in the world) are formulated by the CF Association (CompactFlash Association, CFA) to formulate the latest standards and specifications. With the continuous evolution of flash memory products, the Compact Flash Association released the CFexpress 2.0 specification in 2019. Upgrade to NVM Express 1.3 and use PCIe 3.0 as well.

What Is A Industrial CF Card?

The CF standard was developed in 1995 and is mainly aimed at the professional imaging product market. The CF card is divided into two types: TypeⅠ and TypeⅡ. Except for the difference in the thickness of the two, they are connected to the host or inside the CF card reader through 50 fine and perfectly arranged pins. At present, the CF6.0 specification implements UDMA7, which provides a reading speed of up to 167MB/s and optional card temperature operating temperature range notification function. However, as 4K and RAW recording become more common, we need CF cards with faster read and write speeds.

What Is A Industrial CFast Memory Card?

Mutated Upgrade of CF Card – CFast Memory Card

We believe that many friends are often unclear about the distinction between CF card and CFast (CompactFlash) memory card, and even take it for granted that CF card is CFast card, or that the two are the relationship between upgrading. But in fact, CFast card and CF card are two different grades of products, which must not be confused. It can be said that the former is an advanced evolution of the latter. So, what are the differences between the two?


The CF card is connected to the host or the inside of the CF card reader through 50 pinholes, and these pins are easily bent. And the CFast memory card uses a SATA compatible 7-pin signal connector and a 17-pin power and control connector.

Interface and PCB wiring

The CF card is based on the Parallel ATA Interface (PATA) interface. While the CFast memory card supporting the current CFast 1.1 specification is based on the Serial ATA GenⅡ interface (SATA-Ⅱ). According to the figure below, we can see the difference between CF card and CFast card in PCB layout.


CF card according to the latest specification CF6.0, the bus speed can reach up to 167 MB/s. The current CFast 1.1 specification implemented by the CFast card supports a reading speed of up to 300MB/s. And the new CFast card 2.0 specification will support SATA-Ⅲ, the read speed can reach 600MB/s. Industrial CFast memory card based on the CFast card 2.0 specification are suitable for industrial and professional imaging and video markets.



Based on this, we compared the parameters of the CF card and the CFast memory card in a list. And we can clearly find that the CF card is not a CFast memory card. As the name suggests, the CFast card reads and writes much faster than ordinary CF cards.

At the same time, the serial ATA GenⅡ interface technology adopted by the CFast card also makes it much safer than the CF card in terms of data storage. However, the cost of a CFast card is much higher than that of a CF card.

CFast memory card has the same size and appearance as CF cards, and is mainly used to replace CF mobile devices that pursue high speeds.

In addition to being used in high-end SLR cameras, CFast memory card has been widely used in industrial products, replacing the previous CF Card. Such as: Surveillance cameras, Automated fare collection system, Telecom equipment, Facial recognition systems, Embedded BOX PCs and Industrial tablet computers, etc.

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