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How to Choose the Best Embedded Memory?



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What Is Embedded Memory?

The embedded memory system process is at the wafer level, where the foundry integrates logic ICs and memory chips on the same chip. It can achieve the best transmission performance. And also reduce the chip size, through a chip to achieve computing and storage functions.

On the other hand, memory in embedded system has ultra-high durability, whether it is the tolerance range of ambient temperature or the number of accesses, it can far exceed the current solutions, so embedded flash technology can not only solve the energy efficiency problem , It can also be used in other specific markets.

Types of Memory in Embedded Systems

Different types of memory in embedded systems will determine the operation and performance of the entire embedded system, so the choice of memory is a very important decision.

Regardless of whether the system is battery-powered or mains-powered, application requirements will determine the type of memory (volatile or non-volatile). The former will lose data after a power failure, while the latter can still retain data after a power failure.

And purpose of use (storing code, data, or both). In addition, in the selection process, the size and cost of the memory in embedded system are also important factors that need to be considered.

The Secret of Choosing Embedded Memory

Basically, embedded flash memory technology represents a type of non-volatile memory that can be read and written. Even if the power is cut off or the external controller turns off the power. The embedded flash will not lose the stored data.

In either case, you need to choose the memory carefully, because the specifications of the memory are different. For example, in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), in order to ensure reliable and safe operation. Each subsystem needs to use a specific non-volatile memory to store information during reset operations and power switching. As another example, most SD cards have a rating of 0 to 70˚C and are suitable for consumer electronics.

What Are the Suitable Applications for Embedded Flash?

Embedded flash is widely used in applications such as vehicles, mobile devices, network communications, and industrial-grade embedded storage. In addition to the development of software and firmware programs, the overall operation efficiency is higher and the transmission speed is better.embedded memory

In Conclusion

As described in this article, although we can use almost any type of memory to meet the requirements of embedded systems. The end application and total cost requirements are usually the main factors that affect our decision-making.

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