ADAS system

What Is ADAS System? How It works?


ADAS system

What Is ADAS System?

Among the major automotive systems, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is one of the smart vehicle technologies that have been actively developed by automakers in recent years. It is a technological advancement process that can reach the realm of unmanned smart vehicles in the future. The main function of ADAS system is not to control the car, but to provide the driver with relevant information. That Such as the working situation of the car and the changes in the outside environment for analysis.

And to warn of possible dangerous situations in advance, so that the driver can take early response measures to avoid traffic accidents.

How ADAS System Works?

When each type of subsystem in ADAS system operates, it is inseparable from the collection, processing and judgment of information. And after the judgment, the system gives instructions to the car body to make the car perform different actions and other stages. In such a process, sensors such as radars and cameras, as well as processors such as MCUs or image processing ICs, have become the most important components.

These applications have more functions and larger displays, resulting in the need to process more data. Therefore, high-density, high-performance NOR flash memory is required to meet real-time requirements.

Thus, quickly reading the data stored in the industrial sd card is the key to quickly starting the application when the engine is started. If the problem is only related to the read speed of the industrial sd card, you can use multiple flash memories and increase the data bus width.

However, Sandisk automotive sd card can provide high-performance NOR Flash functions. Which enable automotive systems to increase functionality and screen size without affecting responsiveness.

In Summary

NOR flash memory has many advantages, and as the development of connected cars becomes more and more sophisticated. That equipped with new and safer entertainment and navigation functions. Thus, the demand for NOR flash memory will also continue to increase.

When choosing a flash memory solution, we can test the specific requirements of ADAS system. And consider fast application startup, large-screen high-quality image display, performance, and number of pins.

So as to flexibly choose suitable flash memory solutions for different types of cars.

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