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Industrial grade microSD features

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Dellwa’s industrial micro sd card not only have the industrial grade micro sd card’s temperature resistance specifications, but also can operate normally in harsh environments. Micro sd industrial grade can work at a high temperature of minus -25°C to 85°C. In addition to their high durability, industrial microsd are not lazy in speed. Provide read and write speeds of 50MB/s to 80MB/s respectively, with capacities ranging from 8 GB to the highest 64 GB, industrial microsd and even up to 128 GB memory card and automatic memory refresh function, which can protect the files in the memory card and reduce the chance of file corruption.

  • Model: Industrial Micro SD Card
  • Form Factor: MicroSD
  • NAND Flash Type: SLC/MLC
  • Capacity: SDHC:8GB~32GB; SDXC: 32GB~64GB
  • Weight:0.4 g
  • Dimension : 11 mm x 15 mm x 1 mm
  • Voltage : 2.7 V ~ 3.6 V
  • Video Speed: C6 / C10 / U1 / U3
  • Duration: 10000 times
  • Storage Temperature ( °C ): -25゜C to 85 ゜C 
  • Application: Surveillance, Drones, Dash Cam, Embedded System, Healthcare, Automated Machine 

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