5 Quick Tips For Choosing Micro SD Bulk

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Whether you need to buy a micro SD card bulk for car navigation, monitoring system or medical equipment. It seems to be a very simple thing, right? However, they have many more pitfalls than you realize and are easy to fall into: overpaying, poor performance, or the card not working at all.

Let’s go straight to the topic:

standard microsd card

1. Choose the form of the micro sd card bulk according to the size of the head

SD card is a card of the size shown in the figure. It was initiated by Panasonic to fight against sony memory sticks, CF cards and MMC storage devices. Because of the large patent openness and rapid technological update, it has almost monopolized the storage format of the memory card industry.
At present, in addition to cameras, basically dash cam and other electronic devices use Micro SD bulk, also called TF cards, which are much smaller than SD card bulk pack. If you use them on a card reader, you need an SD card tray.

2. Identify the speed according to the name

There are SDHC cards and SDXC cards on the market, which are upgraded models of SD cards. SDHC cards can be up to 32G, and larger than 64GB are classified as SDXC cards, up to 2TB, and the transmission speed is faster.
So many models are dazzling, don’t worry, because they are backward compatible, you almost don’t have to consider the format of the SD card when you buy it, depending on what the device supports, you can choose whether you need SD card bulk pack or Micro SD bulk.

micro sd bulk
1200 pcs x 8GB

3. How to ensure high quality

Although micro sd bulk don’t like damage, it seems useless to accompany us silently every day, but when we really encounter unexpected data loss or storage problems, even if the importance of these data is limited, it will give us It caused great inconvenience and even affected the company’s operations.

Avoid nothing more than two points:

1. Choose a big and reliable brand.

2. Beware of fakes.

Today I will show you all the big brands, industry leaders SanDisk and Kingston Kingston. Japanese and Korean products with storage particle production capacity, such as Samsung, Toshiba, and Dellwa, the first choice supplier in Asia.

As for preventing counterfeit goods, there are also two ways:

  1. Choose some trustworthy suppliers.
  2. Compare the price, don’t buy the one with too big a gap.

4. Consider the durability of the micro sd bulk

High-durability products, advertised for optimal design for applications such as driving recorders, video surveillance cameras, etc., are all microSDXC/SDHC specifications. One of its key points is the ability to withstand work in extreme environments. It has four protections such as water, static electricity, X-ray rays, and vibration, and can be used in the temperature range of -25 to 85 °C.

However, most microSDXC/SDHC micro sd bulk also have the same level of operation and endurance, the difference lies in whether there is a formal certification endorsement.

5. High-performance storage

The two important components inside the micro SD card bulk-

the storage chip and the control chip, are important indicators that affect the performance of the SD card. The surface specifications of micro SD bulk are the same, but in fact, the chips used in each card may be different. And there is even a considerable gap in service life and smoothness of use.
In the choice of micro SD bulk, only about 1/3 of the area is the real storage area. NAND particles are the real memory used by SD cards. According to the difference of electronic cell density in NAND flash memory, it can be divided into SLC (single-layer storage cell), MLC (multi-layer storage cell), TLC (three-layer storage cell) and QLC (quad-layer storage cell).

SLC (single-layer storage cell), small voltage change interval when writing files, long life, about 100,000 erasing and writing life, high cost (about 3 times more than MLC), mostly used in enterprise-level high-end products.

In general, in terms of performance, durability and price: SLC> MLC> TLC> QLC.

Buying micro SD card bulk, you need to purchase a speed grade, size and a reliable supplier that suits your needs. Be sure to check what your device supports and consider the performance and durability you actually need.


From Dellwa sales manager Alan Tsai said:
“The application field of micro sd bulk and 4gb sd cards bulk~256GB are about automotive, telecom, GPS, embedded, recorder and displays, medical and healthcare, etc.

We are glad to provide you micro sd card bulk pack and memory card wholesale price for suitable you are significant and sophisticated equipment. “
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