FIVE tips for finding a wholesale memory card distributor

When it comes to finding wholesale memory card distributors, there are many aspects
you have to consider and protect yourself from scams. However, here are five tips for
you to finding an excellent wholesale distributor.

Choose a distributor which is rated highly.

The feedback and comments from customers are worth considering. However, several
distributors manipulate their reviews at Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc. Although this e-commerce
platforms regard this problem seriously and address this issue continuously,
we still need to pay more attention. Customers can make good use of some tools such
as Fakespot to verify the reviews.

Choose a distributor which supplies various brands and product lines.

An excellent wholesale memory card distributor must meet customers’ needs. Thus,
they must supply multiple products. Take Dellwa as an example. Dellwa is a wonderful
wholesale memory card distributor. We supply Sandisk, Kingston, Samsung, and eFox
products. Moreover, we also provide other consumer electronics, such as IC chips, SSD,
and USB.

Choose a distributor providing a reasonable price.

When making a deal with wholesale memory card distributors, you can’t choose the
lowest price blindly. To make sure the products are authentic, reaching the mutually
agreeable price is better. Certainly, you can compare to other distributors.

Choose a distributor which you can search them differently.

Generally, we only reach the distributor at a single e-commerce platform. However, if
you can reach this distributor by searching them through Google or other platforms, it
could be a noteworthy point.

Choose a distributor which provided outstanding after-sales service.

Sometimes, it’s unavoidable encountering some small flaws. However, if your
the distributor can help you deal with these problems efficiently, it could be very timesaving.


From Dellwa sales manager Alan Tsai said:
“The application field of micro sd bulk and 4gb sd cards bulk~256GB are about automotive, telecom, GPS, embedded, recorder and displays, medical and healthcare, etc.

We are glad to provide you micro sd card bulk pack and memory card wholesale price for suitable you are significant and sophisticated equipment. “
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